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How to Choose a Data Management Platform

Publishers, are you wondering how to choose the right data management platform (DMP) for your business? Well, we have a solution for you. Lotame teamed up with AdMonsters to sponsor the Data Management Platform Evaluation Playbook – a comprehensive guide to what publishers should consider when thinking of investing in a data management platform (DMP). Let us help you step-by-step with how to choose a DMP.

This particular document focuses on the evaluation process a publisher must go through when selecting a DMP. Publishers have access to raw data from a variety of sources, including first- and second-party sources, like registration data, web analytics and ad server data; CRM data; offline sources like newspaper subscriptions; and additional information through mobile or social channels. Additionally, third-party companies can offer a wealth of information about that publisher’s audience that the publisher themselves would not have access to.

These separate data sources on their own may provide value, but without organization, the data cannot be used to its full potential. A DMP looks to solve this problem. By connecting data sources, adding structure to the data based on the publisher’s specific business rules and helping make the data actionable, the DMP helps create greater revenue for their inventory, provides deeper insights into their audience and helps make better business decisions.

Click here to download a copy of this DMP evaluation guide, or click on the image below.

DMP Evaluation Playbook

The first step in evaluating a data management platform is to determine if a DMP will provide a sufficient return on investment not only in cost, but in resources to implement and maintain. There are many ways a DMP can help your company increase your bottom line. For example, a data management platform can help you increase your CPMs for your existing inventory, and give you additional insights about your audience. These insights can be rolled into your RFP responses to make both you and your clients smarter.

To find out  more about Lotame’s data management platform that allows you to collect, organize, activate, and protect data from ANY source, including online, offline, mobile, and CRM, please feel free to reach out to us for a demo.