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Under the Hood with Lotame’s Jon Ko

February 16, 2017

This week’s employee spotlight features Jon Ko, one of Lotame’s Technical Account Managers (TAMs for short). Let’s find out what Jon’s up to when he’s not helping clients set up their DMP accounts or walking them through implementation.

Tell us what brought you to Lotame.

I joined Lotame in June of 2015, right out of college. I went to a career fair at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I was studying Information Systems, and while going between booths, I happened to land upon Lotame’s table. I was interested in the new world of AdTech, so I was ecstatic to find them! I was also interested in the Media and Communications aspect, and took a few classes in it as well. Who knew that I would be working with a company that thrives upon Media and Communication consumption in the future?

Where do you see the AdTech space moving in the next 5 years?

Three things come to mind: From what everyone has been telling me and themes I have been finding in the news, it seems like the ad-tech industry will open up to many more devices than what we have now and will get more creative with how we can advertise, and more importantly, collect data. Second, the AdTech space will and is moving into more than just audio, video, or web banners. Lastly, with more devices starting to be connected to the internet space and outside realtime advertisements becoming more likely, data collection opportunities will continue to grow.

As a Technical Account Manager, what is one thing that sets your team apart from other teams in DMP space?

Having a hand in many different aspects of the company, whether that be customer or technical service, the TAM team has to have structure. We also have an amazing set of rules that we like to abide by:

The 4 rules of a Lotame TAM

  1. More communication is better.
  2. Never assume.
  3. Logistics matter
  4. Preparation is Key

Plus, all U.S. TAMs play table tennis, with the exception of Brian Cochran, who may secretly be good at playing and just doesn’t want to show the rest of us up.

What do you enjoy most about working at Lotame?

Hands down – the culture! The first thing I noticed when I interviewed at Lotame was that there were no cubicles. What immediately came to mind was the fact that this was a company that enjoyed openness, communication, and culture. Shortly after joining, I quickly made friends with my team and everyone around me. This was mainly due to the fact that everyone was quite open and welcoming. Through the bouts of table tennis, intense work meetings, and fun company events throughout the year, I understood that Lotame was very much a work hard, play hard culture. The culture really sets the tone for Lotame and I’m glad I work and contribute to that culture!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is new to AdTech?

Understand what AdTech is on a high level, which is basically using analytic and digital tools to understand and effectively use the copious amounts of data that’s flowing. The space is always changing, so it is always good to have a strong understanding of the industry, and being open enough to learning whenever a change is made. Next, understand how Lotame fits into this space and understand why our clients use us. In a high-level explanation, Lotame’s DMP takes data from around the world and turns it into understandable and usable data, mainly as audiences.

Tell us one thing that we don’t already know about you.

Two things that I hold dear to me is Kale and Zumba. Oh, and something that not everyone may know is that I’ve taken only cold showers since the summer of 2013, which began as part of a 30 day challenge! It was an interesting challenge that helped me ease into the aspect of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.