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Health Insurance Provider Increases Purchase Intent 93%

A major health insurance provider was seeking a way to effectively reach business decision makers and heads of household with messaging around their latest insurance offering and benefits. The campaign goals were to increase purchase/consideration intent and drive user engagement with banner ads.

With stiff competition in a crowded marketplace, how could they differentiate themselves and find those most likely to be in-market for a new insurance plan?

The company turned to Lotame to help build targeted marketing campaigns reaching those most likely to buy. The insurance provider used Lotame to build a custom audience of business decision makers demonstrating or declaring a role in accounting, finance or human resources, as well as consumers who demonstrated or declared being decision makers or heads of household.

The audience size was increased using various data sources, including first- and third-party to reach a larger pool of possible customers. The inventory from the Lotame’s Third-Party Data Marketplace exceeded their expectations and led to positive results almost immediately, due to the quality of its audience composition.

Using Campaign Analytics inside the platform, the health insurance provider was able to further refine the best performing audiences, driving an even stronger purchase intent lift going forward.

The results? A 93% increase in purchase intent, and a 3% overall engagement rate for their banner ads. In other words, more potential customers engaging with their brand and ready to buy.


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