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[Infographic] A Guide to Captivating Entertainment Campaigns

Did you know the U.S. Media and Entertainment Industry digital ad spending is expected to hit $11.5B by 2020?*

What’s your action plan for identifying and targeting the right audience for entertainment campaigns – and breaking through all the clutter? Whether you’re looking to target Cord-Cutters, or viewers of specific shows like This Is Us, or expand your audiences interested in Award Shows, Lotame has you covered.

Check out Lotame’s new Entertainment Audience Data Guide, plus new segments for Fall’s premier TV show lineup!

Successful Entertainment Campaigns

View the Entertainment Infographic and Find Out More

With Fall TV Show Premieres (and NYC TV Week) just around the corner, we created a brand new campaign success guide to help you target the right mix of entertainment audience data. With a strategic combination of Smart TV Viewership, Behavioral Profiles, B2B, Seasonal Segments, and Geographic Layering, you have direct access to entertainment seekers, including segments like:

  • Entertainment Audience Data: Celebrities, Pop Culture, Sports
  • Smart TV Viewership: Viewers of Entertainment Channels or specific shows like This Is Us and Game of Thrones
  • Behavioral: Movies, Music, Gaming, TV
  • Seasonal Segments: Award Shows, Fall Premieres

New Segments for Fall’s Premier TV Show Lineup!

Lotame is pleased to offer eight new Inscape audiences that cover the Premiere TV show line-up for September. From television network and genre to individual television programming dayparts – all are available for campaign targeting within Lotame’s Data Exchange, including:

  • Cord-Cutter Viewers
  • Time-Shifted Viewers
  • Plus, reach audiences of popular shows like: This is Us, ELeague, and Empire

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re looking for something custom. Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) data can be purchased through the Lotame platform and in various DSPs and Ad Exchanges. If you would like to learn more about the Lotame Data Exchange, please reach out to us; we’d love to help.  You can reach us at DataSales@lotame.com.

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*Source: eMarketer