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Three Ways to Use Data to Increase Engagement

Lotame’s DMP can do so much more than just optimizing your advertising strategy. Connect our DMP to your content management system (CMS), and you create a powerful tool to attract new readers, increase engagement, and drive more return visits. Here’s how:

1. Content Personalization

The insights that Lotame collects can give you a deeper understanding of your audience — from when and what they read or watch, to which devices they use, and more. This information allows you to serve them content — optimized for device, time of day, and even language — that feels like it was created specifically for them.

2. Dynamic Content Creation

But it goes beyond content personalization — when integrated with a CMS, audience data can help determine what content a user sees on your site in real-time. A news publisher might identify users that consistently show interest in Apple’s stock performance, for example, and then serve them relevant Apple related content links in recommendation modules that update as they move from page to page.

3. Content Targeting

Lotame’s DMP also gathers data about users’ behavior when they’re on other sites — and then gives you the ability to serve them content or advertising based on those insights when they come back to your properties. How does that work? Take a male user who frequents your site. Your own data says he has a deep interest in basketball. The third-party data Lotame collects reveals that he’s also searching for info about wearable technology. When you pass this information through your CMS, on his next visit, you can serve the user content about the latest wearable technology that the NBA is using to improve player performance. You could also serve him targeted ads for wearable devices — boosting the overall performance of your advertisers’ campaigns.

DMPs and CMSs are powerful tools in their own right, but combining them gives you capabilities that help your content more deeply resonate with users. It’s a marriage that leads to more personalized audience targeting, which in turn helps increase engagement, user loyalty and increased revenue for you and your clients.

To learn more about how our DMP can help you increase engagement with your consumers, contact your Lotame Account Manager or request a demo.