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[Case Study] Amnet Triples Reach in First Probabilistic Cookieless Targeting Campaign

A leading financial brand needed to test identity solutions in other markets. It partnered with the agency Amnet for cookieless targeting campaigns to test digital advertising addressability and connectivity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In its first probabilistic cookieless targeting campaign, Amnet was able to triple reach. 

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The Challenge

This financial brand is an innovative, trailblazing leader known for being a technology-forward company. It has historically relied on data-rich audience targeting to nurture and engage known and unknown audiences and prospects. It wanted to future-proof marketer addressability in cookie-restricted environments through the use of data-enriched audience targeting.  

The Solution

Amnet, the agency the financial brand hired, partnered with Lotame to establish a test campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The brand has used Lotame Panorama ID™ successfully in other markets to test high-quality cookieless data targeting. But this was the first time Amnet performed a probabilistic identity solution test in the MENA region.

The Results

The results were impressive. They demonstrated that cookieless targeting works better than cookies, with the brand seeing addressability in browsers that were unavailable because of cookie blocking. It also benefitted from incremental reach in Google Chrome. 

Some of the results of the identity solution test include:

  • 3X impression lift in cookieles browsers
  • 13 times greater reach in Firefox
  • 2.5 times unlocked addressability in Safari

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