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An Inside Look at Lotame Audience Builder

Lotame Audience Builder is an automation tool created to help generate, optimize and package high performing segments. Build, model, and activate customer audiences to improve campaign targeting, increase reach, or monetize your data. 

Using Audience Builder, advertisers and agencies can slice and dice their own online and offline first-party data to create audience segments for display, search, video, and social campaigns; apply it to ad campaigns targeting audiences across the purchase funnel; and get visibility into the ROI each campaign delivered for each segment. DMPs also allow marketers to pull in and analyze all audience data (including third-party) – presenting a 360-degree view of how campaigns perform against specific target audiences.

Slice And Dice Your 1st Party Data

Regardless of who you are trying to reach, you rely on audience segmentation and building to power their data-driven campaigns and reach the right consumers at the right time. 

Lotame Audience Builder helps you with these 7 things:

1. Data Licensing

Build, your strong performing custom audiences through the Lotame Audience Builder, and model and sell your data and develop a new revenue stream with Syndicate Seller.

2. Content Development

Leverage the Lotame Audience Builder to build strong performing audiences for specific campaign messaging and create a more customized experience for your customers.

Create More Customized Experiences

3. Consumer Marketing

Develop strong performing audiences by mixing and matching your consumer data and modeling them to create larger prospect pools.  

4. Audience Development

Build, model, scale and activate your audiences to attract and retain loyal customers across screens. 

5. Advertising

Mix and match consumer data from any source to create low-cost, efficient audiences to optimize your advertising efficiency.

Optimize Your Advertising Efficiency

6. Customer Engagement

Build strong, high loyalty segments based on audience and campaign analytics to drive customer engagement across all devices.  

7. Customer Acquisition

Select and build segments based on existing customers and rapidly build prospect pools based on thousands of attributes and behavioral data points with Lotame Audience Optimizer.

Build Prospects Based on Data Points

How Lotame Clients Are Using the Lotame Audience Builder:

Health Insurance Provider Increases Purchase Intent 93% with Lotame DMP

This health insurance provider was seeking a way to effectively reach business decision makers and heads of household with messaging around their last insurance offering and benefits. They were able to use the Lotame Audience Builder to create custom audiences of business decision makers demonstrating or declaring a role in accounting, finance, or human resources, as well as consumers who demonstrated or declared being decision makers or heads of household. 

By developing and targeting the specific audience segments desired for this specific campaign, the retailer witness results that far exceeded their campaign goals:

  • 93% lift in Purchase/Consideration Intent 
  • 40% increase in CTR
  • 5X increase in total audience size

GumGum Decreases Spend on 3rd-Party Data by 25% While Increasing ROI 35%

GumGum, an artificial intelligence company, was looking for a partner that provided transparency, control, and flexibility with regard to data-buying and targeting. They partnered with Lotame for the Data Exchange and Audience Builder. 

Because Lotame’s data was not already prepackaged, GumGum had greater insight into exactly what it was buying, allowing the firm to select the elements that made the most sense for achieving it’s specific campaign goals. With this flexibility, GumGum built complex, highly customized targeting logix that allowed it to deliver unique, high-[performing campaigns for its advertisers. They saw a: 

  • 35% increase in return on investment for its 3rd-party data spend 
  • Increased control and insight into audience segments and purchases 
  • Improved performance across the board but especially in CTR and viewability when using their own 1st-party data vs 3rd-party data

 Increase in ROI

Audience Building is vital to the success of any campaign, as it enables users to build complex audience targets by selecting desired demographics, content consumption, interests, actions made up of first- second- and third-party data. 

Interested in learning more about the Lotame Audience Builder? Reach out to info@lotame.com for more information!