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Navigating a Cookieless Future

Cookieless Case Studies from Around the World

Cookies have long been the backbone of online advertising. They’ve helped businesses track user behavior, serve personalized ads and optimize websites. However, with increased concerns over privacy and data protection, major tech companies are phasing out third-party cookies.

The cookieless future is quickly becoming a reality, and businesses must adapt to survive. To put things into perspective, digital marketing organizations in the U.S. state that third-party cookie deprecation will impact website analytics and targeted advertising the most — two essential marketing tactics that help track user behavior, improve the website experience and attract new customers.

In this post, we’ll explore what a cookieless world looks like, what benefits a cookieless world brings and discuss strategies for navigating this new landscape.

How Lotame Can Help You Navigate a Cookieless World

As the world moves towards a cookieless future, businesses need new solutions to navigate this changing landscape. That’s where Lotame comes in. Lotame is a technology company that makes data smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers. Our end-to-end data collaboration platform, Spherical, helps marketers and media owners drive growth and revenue with actionable customer intelligence, data informed audiences, and identity powered activation.

Lotame Panorama ID™ helps marketers and publishers preserve and extend addressability across all screens. Our global pseudonymous identifier is built for the open web, connecting all types of device identifiers and associated individual behaviors into an enriched, single view across channels. Built from multiple inputs, our publisher-adopted ID resolves a variety of user signals, such as email and digital data from web, mobile, and CTV. 

The cookieless future has never looked brighter. With hundreds of campaigns launched across the globe, Lotame’s identity solution, Panorama ID, is proving that advertising on the open web is sustainable, profitable, and privacy safe.

“We’ve done our due diligence and trust Lotame Panorama ID. The predictive cookieless solution is delivering fantastic results for our leading brand portfolio in terms of scale across the open web and cost-efficiency. We’re well-positioned to grab the cookieless future by the horns — in fact, we already are!” – Miles Pritchard, Managing Partner, OMD – EMEA. 

What Does a Cookieless World Look Like?

Alternatives to cookie-based advertising

With the increasing focus on user privacy and the phase-out of third-party cookies, advertisers and marketers are exploring alternative methods for targeted advertising. Here are just a few alternatives to cookie-based advertising:

  1. First-Party Data refers to the information collected directly from users who have interacted with a brand’s website, app, or other owned channels. By leveraging this data, advertisers can create personalized and targeted campaigns without relying on third-party cookies. Building strong relationships with customers and encouraging them to opt-in for data collection can help gather valuable insights.
  2. Contextual Advertising involves displaying ads based on the content of a webpage or the context of a user’s online activity. Advertisers can target specific keywords, topics, or categories to show relevant ads to users. This method doesn’t rely on personal data or tracking, but lacks the precision and scale of other methods.
  3. Data Collaboration Platforms and Data Clean Rooms are becoming popular solutions that utilize second-party data. Though there are many different types of data collaboration tools, typically they help marketers by combining and analyzing data within a company or alongside partners for various purposes. The essence of data collaboration lies in its ability to turn raw data into actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making and strategic planning and execution.
  4. Identity Solutions like Lotame Panorama ID, refer to technologies and approaches that help advertisers and marketers identify and authenticate users in a privacy-compliant manner across various digital platforms. These solutions aim to provide a reliable way to recognize individuals without relying on third-party cookies or personally identifiable information (PII).

At Lotame, we believe a portfolio approach is marketers’ and publishers’ best strategy to thrive in a cookieless world. There’s no one winning solution to meet everyone’s needs.

Benefits of a Cookieless World

benefits of a cookieless world

The cookieless future may seem daunting, but it also presents numerous benefits for users and businesses alike. Here are some of the top advantages of a cookieless world:

  • Increased Privacy:  Without cookies, users may feel more secure in their online activities, knowing their personal data is not tracked or shared without consent.
  • Better User Experience: With a cookieless future, businesses will prioritize user experience by finding new ways to personalize content and target ads without relying on invasive tracking.
  • Improved Transparency: Without cookies, companies need to be even more transparent about collecting and implementing user data, fostering trust between companies and their customers.
  • Reduced Fraud: A cookieless world can help reduce ad fraud and promote a more fair and ethical advertising ecosystem.
  • More Accurate Analytics: While cookies can provide valuable data, they can also lead to inaccurate metrics due to cookie blocking and deletion issues. A cookieless future can provide more accurate analytics and insights, helping businesses make better decisions.

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While the demise of cookies may seem daunting, it also presents an opportunity for businesses to rethink their digital strategies and adopt new, privacy-centric approaches to data collection and targeting.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and adopt new technologies and strategies that meet the changing needs of consumers. At Lotame, we are committed to helping companies navigate the cookieless future with innovative solutions that prioritize user privacy and provide value to businesses.

See the results for yourself in this collection of cookieless case studies. Learn how marketers, agencies, and publishers in markets around the world are:

  • Lowering advertising costs and increasing efficiency 
  • Expanding reach and improving engagement
  • Increasing CPMs and yield across cookie-restricted inventory

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