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Lotame Panorama ID™

Marketers and publishers need a common language that makes possible relevant, responsible, and resilient advertising. We’ve seen firsthand that reliance on any one data signal — whether email or the cookie — will not provide the scale, interoperability, and growth businesses need. Digital advertising needs identity innovation that works for everyone.

The Future Is Connected

Lotame Panorama ID is a global pseudonymous identifier that represents a single consumer view across channels. Built from multiple inputs, our award-winning ID resolves a variety of user signals, such as email and consented digital data from web, mobile, and CTV. Unlike other identifiers, Panorama ID is proven to ensure data-driven audience activation works in cookie and cookie-restricted environments.


Panorama ID connects all types of device identifiers, associated individual behaviors and email without reliance on any one signal such as third-party cookies and IDFAs



Activate first-party data or use our identifier to buy targetable audiences across publisher inventory, cookie & cookieless environments such as mobile and CTV

Open to All


Freely accessible and interoperable across platforms, devices, and IDs

Laptop, tablet and smartphone

Privacy Compliant

User consent and choice are core to Panorama Identity, which adheres to state and regional privacy regulations and IAB Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0, and is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.


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