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5 Publisher & Marketer Benefits for Lotame Audience Analytics

Imagine being able to sit down for a cup of coffee with each of your customers to dive into who they are as a consumer. What are their incomes? Where are they from? Where do they vacation? What are their hobbies? What past purchases are indicative of their future actions? These insights would give you a 360 degree view into who they are and how they operate. 

As a business, you probably don’t have the time to sit down with each of your consumers individually to create this picture of who they are. A company with strong audience analytics driven by even stronger data can help you scale that cup of coffee from one to billions of customers. 

As the marketing technology industry continues to evolve, the need to have a comprehensive, 360 degree view into consumers’ patterns, trends, and intent through their digital imprint is vital in the success for how any company goes to market. Lotame’s Audience Analytics gives companies the ability to gain a 360 degree view of their audiences, by quickly and easily drilling into the demographic and behavioral attributes an audience exhibits, such as age, gender, movie preferences, and personal finance. 

With Audience Analytics, companies can also analyze billions of data signals across all of their consumer attributes and actions such as past purchase behaviors, household income, and propensities for specific brands. Develop newer and stronger target audiences based off of audience insights, improve on content personalization, and increase campaign performance.

Lotame Audience Analytics Offers the Following Reports

Audience Summary Dashboard

The Audience Summary Dashboard is an analytics dashboard that provides a comprehensive snapshot of your audience, including demographic makeup, device composition, geographic location, and Top 10 Behaviors.

Top Behaviors Tool

The Top Behaviors tool is an extension of the Audience Summary Dashboard (above), and helps you develop a deeper understanding of the behaviors that positively and negatively index against an audience.

Audience Discovery Dashboard

The Audience Discovery Dashboard is a flexible analytics tool that provides a 360 degree view of audiences characteristics using available 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data. 

Increase your audience reach by identifying behaviors that have a low overlap but index highly against an audience, and add them to new audiences for smart targeting. Create more relevant messaging and tailor your content or creative messaging by developing a deeper understanding of your audience makeup. And lastly, tell the right story by taking advantage of the multiple ways to slice and dice your data through this extensive analytics report. 

Overlap Report

The Audience Overlap Report allows users to visualize the overlap of multiple audiences to profile audiences on a heatmap.

5 Publisher & Marketer Benefits for Lotame Audience Analytics

1. Content Development

Gain 360 degree consumer insights on the attributes and behaviors most associated with your readers so that you can help guide your editorial teams on creating more tailored and personalized content and messaging. 

By being able to better contextualize the who, what, where, why and how of your target audiences or customer segments, you give your content operations teams a new set of tools for developing and tailoring content best suited for your current customer base. 

2. Consumer Marketing:

Understanding how your consumers engage with your content and services is vital to the success of your company. By tapping into that knowledge, you can ensure that you are adapting and customizing your development and marketing efforts to best fit your consumers’ needs. 

Once you have developed a deeper understanding of preferences for existing customers exposed to your messaging, you can remarket and optimize your campaigns to improve performance overall.

3. Audience Development:

Use insights from Audience Analytics to adjust your audience development strategies to increase engagement, balance paid/earned/owned activation channels, or customize your messaging to grow visits, views and downloads. See how your 1st-party data may overlap with marketers’ data, or thousands of 3rd party data segments to build audience segments that fit your omnichannel audience development needs. 

4. Advertising:

By leveraging audience analytics and reporting, and developing a deeper understanding of how your consumers interact with your messaging, you have the ability to differentiate your offerings, win more RFPs, and understanding overlaps for your advertisers! 

Dive into the behaviors and patterns that make your audiences YOUR audiences, and use those insights to drive machine learning and modeling to build and grow them from any data source to increase scale. 

5. Customer Engagement:

Obtain a 360 degree view of your customers and how they interact both inside and outside of their interactions with your business. From there, you can drive greater intelligence about their habits, spending, demographics and buying intentions to better inform your triggered and scheduled marketing initiatives. Audience Analytics helps you fill in the gaps in your understanding of how to best message, convert, upsell and cross-sell customers at scale. With this more developed audience understanding, you can tailor your messaging and strengthen your go-to-market messaging and planning to increase your customer engagement and brand loyalty. 

How are Lotame clients using Audience Analytics?

AMP Agency wanted to support a major Pet Care Brand with advanced audience targeting in order to find a niche group of pet owners most likely to respond and engage with their marketing and recruitment efforts. 

AMP utilized their proprietary technology for data collection, and then used Lotame’s Audience Analytics suite to tap into valuable insights about consumers’ pet ownership and preferences like the pet owner’s choice and location of veterinary care, frequency of pet care, even the approximate location and times pet owners walk with their pets. They were able to take this data, enrich it, and tap into Lotame’s Cross-Device technology for strong audience targeting. They saw real results:

  • 250% Increase in CTR, showcasing the advanced relevancy in regards to targeting
  • 1000s of new pet owners were identified who weren’t included in standard 3rd-party segments
  • 83% savings in data costs for the pet care brand

BookMyShow, India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform, was looking for more ways to customize solutions for brands and offer them extensive targeting capabilities. They partnered with Lotame’s DMP to collect, integrate and manage its large sets of data from various sources to get a more holistic understanding of its customers, in order to offer more comprehensive solutions to existing and potential advertisers. By tapping into Lotame’s strong analytics, BookMyShow saw great results:

  • 300% increase in ROI since partnering with Lotame 
  • For a recent mobile campaign, they had an overall CTR of 2.91% on their app for a movie listing, compared to 1.42% without targeting
  • For a recent financial campaign, they had an overall CTR of 5.12% on their ticket confirmation page, compared to 1.25% originally

By diving into an audience’s makeup using the insights available from Lotame and it’s third-party data providers, companies can understand the composition of their audience at a deeper level, and use that knowledge to power newer, stronger performing audiences, at scale. 

Interested in learning more about Audience Analytics? Be sure to reach out to info@lotame.com for more information!