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Women in Tech: Danielle Greenstein and Sonia Rainville

This weeks Women in Tech interview features two fantastic women sitting on the marketing team here at Lotame. Danielle Greenstein and Sonia Rainville have many things in common; two of them being their deep love for dark chocolate and their “get it done” attitudes. Let’s learn more about them!

Tell us a little bit about your position here at Lotame.

DG: I am the Director of Event Marketing here at Lotame. What exactly does that mean? I manage our global event marketing strategy which entails working closely with our sales teams to identify the events we plan to attend, sponsor, speak at, and host — including our very own global client conference series, Lotame Ignite! From sourcing venue locations to client entertainment, content curation and fancy booth swag, I’m focused on increasing Lotame’s brand awareness while driving new business, retention, and event ROI. Additionally, I help support Lotame’s data sales team with marketing collateral, newsletters and more.

SR: I am the Creative Director here at Lotame. I develop the creative strategies for our brand across all channels from corporate identity to user interface design.  My day to day involves working with teams across the company which gives me a unique perspective into what we do.

Where were you prior to Lotame?

DG: Prior to Lotame, I was a marketing consultant for Gartner, an IT research and technology firm where I had previously worked for 8 years managing marketing strategy and cross-channel marketing campaigns for a portfolio of C-level events, including Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. I also spent time at a SaaS startup where I lead all digital and offline marketing efforts, focused on lead generation. I’ve now (happily) been with Lotame for almost 2.5 years (and it’s flown by!).

SR: In my past life, I was the Design Director at a non profit called Catalyst. Their mission is to advance women in the workplace. Since my 2 years at Lotame, the number of women in the company has increased significantly. Lotame understands the importance of an inclusive culture which is essential to a business’s success.

How does working at Lotame compare to your previous positions?

DG:  When I first started at Lotame, I was not too familiar with the DMP world, or all of the AdTech/MarTech terminology so it definitely required jumping in head first to ensure our messaging was on point. With an industry that’s constantly shifting, everyday here is different, and a chance to make a new impact which keeps me on my toes!

SR: Lotame is much more fast paced than my previous company. We have a “get it done” attitude which I love. Our industry is evolving so quickly and our work style makes sure we’re always ahead.

You work for a team full of women. Can you describe the environment?

DG: Lotame is a truly unique culture with a “work hard play hard” mentality and I am blessed to work with a supportive group of innovative women who bring their own set of strengths to the table. One common and important denominator across our closely knit team is collaboration. We’re all extremely busy, but teamwork helps get the job done efficiently.   

SR: It’s great! I’m lucky to be part of a very well run team. We work seamlessly together and get the work done.

What piece of advice would you give to women working in MarTech?

DG: Whether it’s your first day working in MarTech, or your 2,190th day (that’s 6 years – I’ll spare you the math), don’t be intimidated and never stop learning! Be a sponge, voice your opinions, and continue to evolve as this industry is ever-changing (and have fun along the way).

SR: More women should work in MarTech! It’s important for women to join male dominated industries. Their perspectives and knowledge are invaluable and will only help to improve the industry.

What would you say is the biggest obstacle that you have met in your career?

DG: I’d be lying if I said I’ve never faced any obstacles throughout my career but many challenges come with an even bigger sense of accomplishment. I remember taking on a new senior role and managing a brand new global portfolio of supply chain products that required a different launch strategy for US, APAC and EMEA regions. At the time, I was challenged to get up to speed quickly to understand the global supply chain market (which I knew nothing about), all while juggling weekly calls with various teams across time zones. The result – new revenue streams!

SR: Balancing family and work. Luckily Lotame is very flexible and allows you to work unconventional hours. As long as you get your work done that is all that matters.

Where do you see the MarTech industry in the next five years?

DG: Have you seen the current LUMAscape?! It’s extremely overcrowded and it will only continue to grow so differentiation will be key to thriving (and not just surviving). I anticipate a lot of the players listed will be phased out as the industry gets even more demanding for higher quality data. I hope to see more companies focused on strategic alignment when it comes to people, data and technology.

SR: This industry is constantly evolving and you never know what can happen in the next 6 months which keeps you on your toes. I’m hoping that we continue to work towards quality data especially with what has been happening in the industry lately. Data is powerful and it should be used wisely.

What are you most thankful for at Lotame / What’s something I’d be most likely to find at your desk?

DG: Aside from working with amazing Lotamites, I am thankful for the NY office’s LaCroix sparkling waters (I’ve now taste tested every flavor), Sonia’s dark chocolate stash (she sits next to me), and a marketing team that tries to avoid the unhealthy snacks in the kitchen!

SR: Danielle is right, there’s always almost dark chocolate in my drawer! When we moved to our new space we each got a little cactus. I’m so proud of my jade plant which is thriving and growing every day. It reminds me of all the great things I love about Lotame and how much we’ve grown.