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[Webinar] Last Call for Cookies: Navigating the Future of Marketing & Advertising

Third-party cookies as we know them are on their way out. Regardless of their ultimate expiration date, marketers and publishers need to rethink their data strategies now to align with consumer privacy expectations.

First-party data sets are becoming the most valuable assets for brands to deliver relevant experiences. But building robust, ethical first-party data isn’t simple. Even with air-tight privacy protections, scale remains a challenge. 

This is where universal identifiers come in – tools like Lotame’s Panorama Identity can act as a bridge to connect first-party data to the broader digital ecosystem. With thoughtful implementation, companies can tap into expanded data sets to fuel deeper insights and more tailored ad campaigns – all while respecting consumer transparency and choice.

In this webinar, Lotame joins BlueConic and other industry experts to share practical steps all businesses should be taking today to prepare for the cookieless future. Leaders from UPS, Advance Local, Mindshare, The Trade Desk, BlueConic, and our own Lotame Chief Growth Officer Alexandra Theriault discuss:

  1. Third-party Cookie Deprecation: Insights into the challenges and preparation for the cookie-less future in 2024.
  2. First-party Data Utilization: Strategies for leveraging first-party data for enhanced customer experiences and personalization.
  3. Privacy and Personalization Balance: Approaches to aligning personalization efforts with evolving privacy regulations.
  4. Universal Identifiers (UIDs): The adoption of UIDs for targeting and tracking in a post-cookie environment.
  5. Measurement and Attribution: Shifts in measurement strategies, including marketing mix modeling (MMM) and new machine learning techniques.
  6. Operational Efficiency and Agility: Emphasis on agility in marketing strategies and operations.
  7. Retail Media Growth: The increasing role of retail media networks in data availability and advertising.
  8. Challenges in Scaling Initiatives: Overcoming obstacles in implementing new data strategies and technology.

Featured Speakers:

  • Cory Munchbach, BlueConic, Moderator
  • Alexandra Theriault, Lotame
  • Milin Shah, UPS
    Grant Whitmore, Advance Local
  • Natalie Kansteiner, The Trade Desk
    Shane McAndrew, Mindshare
  • Leo Carbonara, BlueConic

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