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Watch IABThere: The New Addressability Landscape with Lotame’s Alex Theriault


Watch IAB There with Lotame's Alex Theriault

The more things change, the more adept marketers become. How are their data strategies faring in the new addressability landscape, and what technologies will give them a competitive edge? Lotame’s Spherical GM Alexandra Theriault joined the IABThere talk show with Angelina Eng, VP of Measurement & Attribution at the IAB to answer marketers’ burning questions on data connectivity, measurement, and addressability. 

Quotable Quotes:

“CDPs are very powerful at harnessing first-party data on behalf of brands. But their strong suit is in the retention category and less so in the acquisition category. That’s something we want to make sure brands don’t lose sight of.” 

“Brands need to look beyond solely relying on maximizing first-party data. They need to understand what percent of their data is known versus unknown. There are a lot of new solutions that only address known users. What about all the unknowns?”

“If you’re a brand and only 10 percent of the traffic that comes to your site is either logging in or making a purchase, you need to make sure you have a plan for the remaining 90 percent, which is still valuable first-party data for you.”

Watch the recording to action on Alex’s advice for navigating the new addressability landscape. 

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