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Vikatan Increases Performance 3x with Lotame

South India’s leading media powerhouse, Vikatan Group is renowned for its curated, credible content delivered thru multiple platforms, viz., Magazines, TV, Book and Digital publishing. Vikatan’s portfolio consists of much-loved 12 Tamil magazines, immensely captivating TV fiction series that’s been ranked #1 for over a decade and a strong, growing dynamic digital presence. Vikatan.com has emerged as a quintessential bridge that connects the smartest Tamilians across the globe to their roots & culture. Vikatan was working with a regional advertiser who was keen to drive quality leads during Diwali festive season by understanding their shopping pattern and behavioral traits in order to push relevant product offerings to them.

Lotame Solution:

  • DMP for Audience Targeting: To support brand’s goals, Vikatan used Lotame to build and target audiences most likely to convert as part of a data-driven campaign with end-to-end audience tracking.
  • Campaign Analytics for Analysis & Reporting: Vikatan placed a pixel on the payment and thank you pages, which allowed them to track not only engagement with the ads, but who completed transactions that were driven through the ad campaign. During the course of the campaign, Vikatan analyzed campaign performance and audience engagement and continuously tweaked the target audience to optimize the campaign.

Real Results: 

  • Using Lotame’s audience targeting and Insights, Vikatan was able to increase CTR 300%. They were able to spend less for the overall campaign while driving more clicks during this high-demand festive season.

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Lotame works with agencies, publishers and marketers around the world, in every industry, to help them increase campaign performance similar to Vikatan. If you’d like to learn more about how Lotame’s platform can help deliver valuable audience insights about your consumers, so you can increase campaign performance across screens and platforms, contact us.