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Summer Festivals: Audience Insights for Global Marketers

Craft beer, restricted diets, and wellness: Lotame analysis reveals the preferences of global summer festival crowds

Global, June 21, 2023Lotame — the global technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use — has released a comprehensive data insights report focusing on global summer festival attendees. The Summer Festivals: Audience Insights for Global Marketers report was created using interest-based data points from Lotame Data Exchange, one of the world’s largest data marketplaces.

Summer festivals are a tentpole cultural phenomenon, attracting millions across the UK and Europe. Lotame’s analysis reveals that attendance skews towards women (61% female to 39% male) and encompasses a diverse range of household incomes, with the £40,000 to £80,000 bracket the most represented.

Understanding the food and beverage interests of festivalgoers is essential for creating immersive experiences. Non-alcoholic beverage preferences among attendees include tonic water, sports drinks, juice, bottled water, and soft drinks. For those drinking alcohol, European attendees show a particular interest in craft beer – 1.47x more than the global population.

Festivalgoers show a particular affinity for meats, seafood, pizza, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Over half (52%) have dietary restrictions, ranging from allergies to specific dietary choices like vegetarianism or veganism. They also have a passion for culinary exploration and convenience: they are 2.3x more likely to watch cooking content, 1.75x more likely to have groceries delivered, 1.66x are more likely to take cooking and culinary classes, and 30% are more likely to subscribe to meal delivery kits.

The report also delves into travel habits. Festival attendees are 2.5x more likely to buy holiday packages, 1.6x more likely to use the services of travel agencies, and 2.4x more likely to travel by bus. Nature enthusiasts, they gravitate towards outdoor escapes such as mountain and ski resorts, sightseeing tours, cruises, and adventure travel. Vineyards and wine tourism also pique their interest.

Festivalgoers also have a deep appreciation for various forms of art and entertainment. They are almost twice (1.9x) as likely to have bought a musical instrument, more than twice (2.1x) as likely to stream documentaries, and 1.69x more likely to visit museums and art galleries. 

Maintaining a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle is important to festivalgoers. They actively seek out wellness-based locations (5x more so than the general population), prioritise healthy living, and are 1.7x more likely to participate in sports and physical activities. Beauty products, cosmetics, and hair care are also part of their online content consumption, and two-thirds are actively dating.

“With these data insights, global marketers have the opportunity to create tailored brand experiences and personalised advertising that resonates with these dynamic consumers,” said Kristen Whitmore, VP Consumer Intelligence & Analytics of Lotame. “Understanding the diverse demographics, preferences, and behaviours of this vibrant community is key to building deeper connections that captivate the hearts and minds of the crowd.”

Download a complimentary copy of the full report here.