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Lightning Tag

Find Your People Faster

Consumers visit your sites everyday across multiple sites. That cross-device activity makes it hard to connect with them. Lightning Tag’s real-time edge processing and data collection works hand in hand with our Panorama Graph to find your people across all browsers and domains. Plus, global publishers can unlock even greater monetization like richer first impression targeting. Upgrade to the fastest first-/second-/third-party data collection and activation in the industry.

Lightning Tag

Collect Everyone, Everywhere

Increase your people scale by up to 50% with Lightning Tag. Our tag works across all browsers and your multiple domains for a clearer picture of who your audience is.

First Impression Targeting

Get more out of every site visit. With our tag, first impression targeting doesn’t rely on contextual signals alone. We enrich your targeting and insights by connecting valuable third-party audience information if available.

Increase Match Rate

Gain up to a 100% match rate within your ad server and other tools. With increased audience scale, you can better monetize and target site visitors on every opportunity.

Strengthen Content Personalization

By capturing a consumer’s behavior and intent in-session and from the start, you can personalize content and provide more targeted advertising off of that first-impression visit at a faster pace.

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