Transform Big Data into Audience Data

Lotame has a solution for your biggest data challenges.

Every enterprise is unique. With that in mind, Lotame offers a suite of customized solutions and a dedicated client success team to solve any data challenge, regardless of how simple or complex. Whether you are looking for a DMP, a third-party audience segment, or a more effective way to optimize your campaigns, Lotame has you covered – from mobile, to tablet, to smart TV, to offline.

  • Data Management Platform

    Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere.

    Lotame is the universal cross-device data management platform that is humanizing the consumer decision journey by empowering enterprises to deliver more relevant content, products, and services. Lotame unifies and enriches the world’s data to create more meaningful relationships and increase commerce and brand loyalty.

  • Audience Optimizer

    Evolve your Perfect Audience into Perfect Audiences

    Audience Optimizer is Lotame’s proprietary modeling solution, allowing marketers to create powerful lookalike and actalike audiences using first-party data sets. Powered by sophisticated machine learning, Audience Optimizer maximizes performance and efficiency of digital ad campaigns by extending an advertiser’s most valuable, sought-after, and niche audiences to deliver the best possible ROI.

  • Cross Device

    Bridging the Gap Between Screens

    Lotame’s Cross-Device solution determines relationships that exist between billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktops, smartphones and tablets. Through this device graph technology, different devices can be mapped together for cross-screen enagement and targeting.

  • Data Exchange

    The World's Data at Your Fingertips

    Lotame’s global data exchange provides you with instant access to billions of cookies and mobile device IDs. We have captured granular data against these cookies and device IDs and packaged it into thousands of highly curated audience segments, giving every marketer, agency, publisher and platform the ability to harness the power of third-party data.

  • Data Stream

    Powering the People Data Needs of Global Business

    Lotame Data Stream supplies real-time access to billions of consumer profiles collected from thousands of websites across Lotame's global network of publishers. Leading enterprises can combine this high-quality consumer data with their existing first-party data to create a more insightful, more complete picture of target customers.

  • Insights

    Get to Know Your Audience

    Combining first- and third-party data, Lotame Insights allows users to uncover deep insights into your audience. Use these insights to arm your sales team to improve sell through or to simply inform your media buys for more efficient targeting and ad spend.

  • Onboarding

    Bringing Offline Data Online

    Lotame Onboarding enables you to combine your offline data from your CRM, subscription or other lists, with online data to target your audience across all platforms and devices. Gain valuable insights into your audience across screens to develop more relevant campaigns and products, and increase engagement.

  • Syndicate

    Powering the Seamless Exchange of Second-Party Data

    Lotame Syndicate is a private marketplace that powers the secure exchange of first-party data. With Lotame Syndicate, you can handpick marketers or publishers that you want to exchange data with. You can select exactly which segments you want to share, how long you want to share them for, and whether you want to charge for access to them. Access rich second-party data not available in the open marketplace.

  • TV DMP

    Bringing Digital Intelligence to Television

    TV DMP bridges the gap in television advertising by bringing rich audience targeting options, once only available in digital channels, to television networks and advertisers. Backed by Lotame’s robust television planning and measurement tools, TV networks use Lotame TV DMP to analyze, plan, sell, measure, and validate the effectiveness of their advertisers’ television campaigns.