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Ryan Rolf Joins “Corporate Data Show” Podcast

March 1, 2017

Ryan Rolf, Lotame’s VP of Data Sales spoke in an episode of the Every Market Media’s podcast titled Corporate Data Show on February 28, 2017. The title of the episode was titled, “Data Quality vs. Data Scale.”

The Corporate Data Show is a podcast dedicated to helping business executives manage their marketing data needs. Whether you are dealing with B2B data, marketing specific data, or retail databases, each podcast is designed to help listeners think about managing their corporate data needs at the highest level. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader in the data business, discussing topics such as sales intelligence, data as a service, business intelligence, client success, data accuracy, and more.

On this episode of the podcast, Rolf explains the ups and down of data brokering, and how Lotame specialized in our technology to help clients- particular publishing clients- manage their data.

“I could line up people who intend to travel all day long, but if your ad is at the bottom of a page, it doesn’t matter what kind of trip you are advertising,” Rolf said in the podcast. Your target audience may be specified, and your ad is probably reaching their page, but they will not see it if it isn’t at the top and in their direct line of site, explains Rolf.

Every Market Media is a wholesale data compiler and data services consultant, who uses their years of expertise in database and email marketing to compile the highest quality and quantities available to resellers for release on the market today. Their services include complete file install licensing, direct list licensing for mid-size and enterprise end users, data appends, data analysis and email marketing testing/management.

To listen to the podcast, check out Every Market Media’s website.

To view on iTunes, listen here.


About Ryan Rolf:

Ryan leads the global Sales and Account Management teams for Lotame’s Data Solutions business. After launching the business 6 years ago, Ryan has led audience targeting partnerships and client relationships with advertisers and platforms across the advertising ecosystem. Prior to Lotame, Ryan worked to launch other technology startups in New York and Sweden. Ryan is pursuing his MBA at New York University – Stern School of Business and has a BBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanwrolf