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Getting Started With a DCP? Five Things to Consider

So, you’ve made the decision to start using Lotame’s data collaboration platform, Spherical. What’s next? How can you be sure you are successful with your DCP from day one?  Here are 5 things to consider when you’re getting started with a DCP.

Lotame’s commitment to ensuring you deliver against your data strategy starts on day one. From setting up the platform to meet your specific needs, to conducting detailed training sessions for you and your teams, we’re here to help.

We’ll guide you through every part of the DCP implementation process and take the heavy lifting off your plate. While the specifics relating to our partnership will be laid out in our agreement with you, when it comes to getting started with a DCP, here are five things it’s worth thinking about:

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1. What are your existing data assets, and where are they stored?

Will you just be collecting first-party data from ads, apps and websites, or do you also have other customer data that you want to onboard into the DCP? Many of our customers will leverage CRM data, email data, subscription data and more as part of their DCP instance. Identifying all the first-party data sources you plan to leverage is important upfront. We’ll guide you through the process of onboarding any offline data, and will ensure it’s integrated properly with the first-party data we’re capturing for you across your ads, sites and apps.

2. How will you be using the platform?

Now’s a great time to revisit how you plan to use the DCP, and what goals you have in mind. As a publisher, do you want to go after RFPs with non-endemic advertisers, or are you focused on delivering better campaign performance for your existing clients? As a marketer, are you trying to increase reach for your campaigns across screens, or is it about maximizing performance against specific KPIs? Understanding your use cases when the platform is configured will help to ensure that we capture the right data and give you access to all the tools and features you need to be successful.

3. Who will be using the platform and what roles will they take?

Who will be the primary contact for onboarding and implementation? Who will be accessing the Lotame dashboard daily? Who will only need to pull reports and look at outcomes once per quarter? There’s no “typical” use case for our DCP, and that means there’s no typical user. Still, knowing whether and how you want your internal teams to leverage the platform will be helpful as we think about access levels and platform customization.

This is a crucial step that cannot be ignored. Make sure there is a DCP “owner” assigned – this will be the point person in your company who should own the relationship with Lotame as well as understand all the in’s and out’s of the amazing things our platform can do.

4. How will you measure success for your DCP?

Used properly, a DCP should never be a cost center – it should be a profit center that helps you drive top line growth. Whether that’s through reducing CPAs on your ad campaigns, or increasing monetization across your digital properties, a DCP investment should deliver measurable ROI.

Understanding your KPIs at the outset of your DCP implementation is critical to ensure the platform is configured to meet your specific needs.

5. How will you be activating your data?

What other ad tech platforms are you working with right now? Are you working with a DSP or SSP, and what about ad servers and exchanges? Lotame prides itself on giving our clients complete data portability, and we already have direct integrations in place with every major activation channel. At the start of the onboarding process, we’ll want to understand exactly what platforms you intend to work with to ensure that integrations are in place and you have the ability to immediately start leveraging your data assets.

We believe in the power of our platform, but we also believe in the importance of people to ensure you get the most out of your DCP investment. This is why Lotame’s global client success team is on hand to help, from implementation of the platform to optimization of your custom instance. Ready to get started making your DCP an amazing tool to success? So are we. Let’s do it!

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