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Bringing Offline Data Online

Say goodbye to data silos! Lotame Onboarding can help bring your CRM, subscription or other offline data sources online, to be combined with other data for a complete view of your audience across screens. Use this holistic understanding of your audience to target them across all platforms and devices. Gain valuable insights into your audience across screens to develop more relevant campaigns and products, and increase engagement.

With all of your data online and in the same place, you can use it to create the most effective ad campaigns, compelling content, and insightful reporting & analytics — efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits
Drive Engagement

Reach your consumers at the right place in the right time

Improve Performance

Increase campaign performance by understanding consumers online and off

Greater Precision

Deliver better customer experiences and reach high-value prospects

Cross-Screen Attribution

Understand the consumer journey to drive sales

Enhance Portability

Push your combined data assets to any media platform for targeting, analysis, and more

Maintain Privacy

Bridge offline customer data to the digital advertising ecosystem (while respecting consumer privacy)

How does Lotame Onboarding work?

Lotame will create a private and secure place for you to upload your offline files and in as little as 5–7 days, your offline records will begin populating in your Lotame account for targeting, analytics, content personalization, and more. Your Lotame account representative will be with you every step of the way to ensure your offline data is brought online smoothly and seamlessly.

What types of data can I bring online?

Lotame Onboarding works with any type of offline data - including data from your subscription lists, registrations, offline purchase behaviors, or customer resource management (CRM) files. Once onboarded, that data is combined with other data assets in Lotame's DMP for a complete and unified profile of your target consumers.

Does onboarding include PII?

No. Lotame’s data management platform does not ingest personally identifiable information (PII). While PII such as email addresses are generally used to make an online-to-offline match, the data that is ingested into the DMP is all anonymized, so you can be confident you are meeting your privacy restrictions.

When would someone need to onboard data?

There are many reasons you might want to onboard data into Lotame’s DMP, including reaching your consumers across channels, customer analysis and insights, attribution, or modeling to find new customers who look and act similarly to existing offline customers. Offline data combined with the online data already available inside Lotame’s DMP also allows marketers to improve messaging. By syncing your CRM data with digital profiles, you can target consumers efficiently and effectively across channels.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to show you more about Lotame Onboarding! Contact us at info@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!