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Find Your People

The only constant in digital advertising is change. Today’s global brands and publishers are facing tough challenges around consumer identity and engagement. Lotame Cartographer is the people-based ID solution you need to survive and thrive. Our powerful ID graph delivers complete, consistent, and compliant data connections to power people-based marketing. Cartographer plots, clusters, and shares diverse data connections so brands and publishers can plan, activate, and analyze how they want. Find your customers and prospects around the world and make meaningful, respectful connections that last.

Find your people faster on the web with Lightning Tag
Our new and faster tag works hand in hand with Lotame Cartographer to find your people from all browsers and all domains. Plus, global publishers can unlock even greater monetization opportunities like richer first impression targeting. Ask us about upgrading to the fastest 1st-party, 2nd-party, and 3rd-party data collection & activation in the industry.

Key Benefits

Find and connect your people with ID syncs across 90+ platform partners.


Get a complete and consistent picture of consumers across & between diverse datasets.


See consent signals cascade instantly across every digital touchpoint, device, and instance of identity.

Will Lotame Cartographer increase my scale?

Yes! Cartographer goes beyond the household. See true scale of your site visitors on an individual level across any browser.

What is the difference between deterministic and probabilistic matching?

Cartographer uses two methods to make secure and trusted connections at the ID level, individual level, and household level:

Deterministic match: (also called "direct matching") used when there is known information that connects a user to different IDs, devices, cookie data, etc.

Probabilistic match: uses statistical analysis to identify different IDs and device identifiers used by a consumer with a degree of certainty. Only those links with a high degree of certainty are used to make people-based connections.

How does open connectivity benefit brands and publishers?

We’re glad you asked! Lotame believes open collaboration is the key to the most robust and future-proofed connectivity for brands and publishers. Together with our 90+ adtech and martech platform partners, Cartographer helps brands and publishers find and connect their people on a global scale — more than anyone could acting alone. Thanks to our partners, today we see 1.4 billion unique users across 4 billion active IDs from around the world.

Can Cartographer help me unify IDs across my domains?

Yes, it can. Cartographer clusters and connects your people across IDs, browsers, devices, and domains. So a consumer who visits your abc.com site would be connected to all the instances of their identity, including their visit to your def.com site.

Just as publishers can leverage Device Graphs to underpin custom content experiences, advertisers can use the technology to drive custom creative experiences. If users engage with video ads in the desktop environment, for example, then those same users can be targeted with more video enabled ad creatives when they are seen across linked mobile devices.

Will Cartographer enable first impression targeting?

Those publishers who upgrade to Lightning Tag will have first impression targeting by default. Unlike other in-market offerings, Cartographer doesn’t rely on contextual signals alone. Rather, we can enrich a publisher’s targeting and insights by connecting valuable third-party audience information if available.

How can I learn more?

Contact us at info@lotame.com to explore how Cartographer can help you find and connect with your customers and prospects.