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Omar Abdala Receives AMA 4 Under 40 Award for Data Analytics Innovation

Oct 11, 2016

Lotame is proud to announce that the American Marketing Association (AMA) has honored our Chief Data Scientist, Omar Abdala, with an AMA 4 under 40 award. The award is given to individuals for significant contributions to the field of marketing and its sub-fields while demonstrating sound leadership and a continuing commitment to service. This win follows recognition from the Tech Council of Maryland, TMC.net and Baltimore Sun for the company’s technology and culture.

During his tenure at Lotame, Abdala has advanced marketing efficiencies with the creation of the Lotame Device Graph, which bridges cookies with smartphone IDs to create the first true cross-screen data management platform (DMP).

Abdala is the holder of eleven patents — several of which are for predictive ad technologies that hinge on user intent and interests — and as such he is among the critical few destined to define the future of ad tech. His nomination was also further distinguished by his authorship of five marketing optimization-driven technical papers on statistical modeling, inference, ad network optimization, targeting and inventory management.

“This award reinforces Omar’s status as a Lotame MVP for leading by example, forging new ground in data management and data science, and spearheading optimization across the many platforms that consumers use to interact with content,” said Andy Monfried, Lotame Founder and CEO. “I’m proud of Omar for achievements that led to AMA recognition of what he has meant to those of us who work with, for and alongside him — as a source of knowledge and inspiration.”

Earlier this year, the Tech Council of Maryland named Lotame as the “Tech Firm of the Year” for its “superior” technology that enables marketers to better target potential customers by giving them access to billions of behavioral and demographic data points connected to millions of computers, tablets and mobile phones across the world. Lotame’s company culture was also acclaimed by TMC.net, which bestowed a Tech Culture award on the company, and the Baltimore Sun, which included the company on its “Best Places to Work” list.

Congratulations Omar on this outstanding recognition!