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Lotame Named “Global DMP of the Year”

Lotame is thrilled to announce that we have been named the “Global DMP of the Year” as part of the 2017 ABBI Awards! GABBCON’s Audience Based Buying Innovation (ABBI) awards have selected Lotame as the top data management platform, beating out Salesforce and Adobe for this honor

Why is Lotame the Top Data Management Platform?

Lotame’s focus on people — not cookies — and independence ensures that enterprises around the world, in any industry, is one of the reasons we were selected as the top data management platform. Fueled with this knowledge, our clients use Lotame’s global DMP to provide consistent messaging across screens and devices, creating a positive end-user experience, to drive marketing campaign performance. Hundreds of companies, on five continents, rely on Lotame’s DMP to turn their data into a goldmine – delighting their customers, and improving their ROI.


We know we stand apart from other DMPs for having recognized that the truly insightful, consumer digital data was conspicuously absent in the television industry, and launched a platform to bridge this gap. Relying on our roots in transforming audience data into meaningful insights for marketers, Lotame’s aiTV suite of products brings digital intelligence to TV and video, allowing marketers to go far beyond the basic panel estimates of household age and gender for viewership. This innovative technology helps television broadcasters organize their viewership data and tie it into online audience insights. The result is a better understanding of their audiences’ behaviors and intentions. Lotame delivers data-driven insights which allow broadcasters’ clients to learn more about their valuable customers. These insights also find prospects that look and act like them, and then guide advertisers on how to best execute campaigns and content strategies across screens to effectively engage consumers. In one fell swoop, audience targeting capabilities were available for to TV.

Need More Proof of Why Lotame’s the Best DMP?

Want more proof that our clients are increasing click throughs (CTR), time on site, return on ad spend (ROAS) engagement, and ROI? Check out our case studies to see how actual companies are using Lotame’s global DMP to become data-driven marketing heroes.

Want to See the Best DMP in Action?

Thank you to Gabbcon and the ABBI Awards for this honor, and in naming Lotame the Global DMP of the Year! Interested in learning more about why Lotame is the best DMP? Contact us for a demo of the platform today!