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MenaMarketPlace Increases CTR 289% with Lotame

MenaMarketPlace (MMP) is the leader in the programmatic advertising space across the MENA region. Their team of programmatic experts works with premium publishers to monetize their inventory, and with media buyers to provide access to that premium inventory.

For a recent financial campaign for a leading bank in Abu Dhabi, MenaMarketPlace was focused on reaching high net-worth individuals in the Middle East. They needed a way to scale this campaign while maintaining their focus on the target audience.

Programmatic experts from around the globe, including MenaMarketPlace work with Lotame’s DMP to increase the precision of their ad targeting, so they are only showing their messaging to the people most likely to engage with the ads. Sounds pretty good, right?

Learn how MenaMarketPlace was able to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of this financial campaign by working with Lotame’s data management platform.


Download the case study. If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business, please contact us.