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International Women’s Day 2023: Lotame Leaders In and Out of Work

On International Women’s Day, meet a few of the exceptional women who embody Lotame’s values, both in and out of work. Hear in their own words how their successful careers took shape, their hopes for 2023, and what actions they take to take care and support other women.


Mariana C. – Data Sales ExecutiveMariana Cifuentes

What do you credit your career success to?
To all the effort we made with my family to come to live in Argentina to be able to study. The support of my parents was very important and above all the desire that I had to progress in my career, since the first year in college I started working in the field and I always wanted to improve and challenge myself with new jobs. I was in an agency, I was on the publisher’s side and I always wanted to have all the perspectives of the advertising world, until I found where I really feel challenged in what I do.


Peggy C. – Assistant GCPeggy Chern

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?
Learning adtech, learning Lotame and learning more about my kids. I’m a newbie to adtech and I have two young children. So far, it feels like I’ve opened the wardrobe door to Narnia 2023. Thankfully, one that doesn’t seem to be in perpetual winter or have an evil white witch. I can’t wait to discover, explore and become more integrated in this brand new world!


Lauren D. – Sales and Marketing Associate Lauren Davies

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?
Finding what I enjoy most and also what I’m naturally good at. In 2022 I got to try many new things, but this year I want to start building on those skills and focus on getting better at them, and in conjunction with this, I’m also looking forward to working with Marketing more closely after being more sales-focused. As the weather gets warmer here I’m excited to go into the office and see more of London as I didn’t have many chances last year.


Corrie v.H. – Head of Data PartnershipsCorrie van Hemert

Who is your role model?
My mom. She had a fairly dysfunctional childhood and everything she did — raising daughters, making a home, cooking and homeschooling and creating the magic behind all of the birthdays and Christmases — was self taught. She didn’t have an example to follow, she didn’t go to college, but she learned as she went, and thankfully passed that tenacity on to me. She’s amazing.


Annemarie H. – Client Success Manager Annemarie Holbrook

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?
In 2023, I am looking forward to a year of continued growth. I feel as though I have learned so much in my time with Lotame thus far and look forward to all that is ahead. With our new transition into Spherical, I am excited to be a part of a cutting-edge technology and helping our clients continue to find value and success.


Cathy H. – Human Resources ManagerCathy Hlubb

How do you show up for other women in/out of work?
As a working mom I know how difficult it can be to juggle everything. I am in a network of Moms who help each other with carpooling kids to sports, and we have a group chat that we use to boost each other up when someone is having a rough day. Random acts of kindness to other women go a long way as well. We all are human and we each have challenges we face. Knowing that we have a support system we can lean on is so amazing.


Rayanne H. – VP, Controller
Rayanne Hipsley

What do you credit your career success to?
I think my career success started back when I was in high school. I got my first job at 15 and I was working while also playing fall and spring sports for school. That required a lot of discipline and time management. I actually held the same job all throughout high school and college, and even played a Division 1 sport in college. I think I just got used to working hard at a very young age. As a result, when I started out in my career, it was easy for me to do the same there. I found pretty early on, if you work hard and care about the work that you do, it will get noticed.