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Importance of Parent/Child Account Structures in a DMP Setting

Data-driven marketers collect data from multiple sources, and one of the most useful functions of a DMP from day one is the ability to collect and organize that data for a holistic view of your customers. Lotame’s DMP offers a unique data organization structure, known as the parent/child account structure, which allows an advertiser to classify and define data assets and silo off specific data sets to a given users, without revealing the entire first-party data universe.

What is Parent/Child Account Structure?

Whether you are a global brand interested in keeping local data sets separated, or a parent company with multiple brands beneath, this parent/child architecture can be leveraged to manage data sharing and data access across both internal and external entities. You not only get an overall view of the entire dataset from the “parent” account, but you can also offer insights on each individual “child” data set to other parties in your organization.

Why Do I Need Parent/Child Account Structure?

Let’s say you are the parent company of several different brands utilizing the DMP. These brands exist as subsidiaries under your umbrella, and you manage all of their data, which is a hard and tedious thing to do. It’s important that your DMP offers the ability for you to categorize this data under specific parts of your umbrella, to ensure that nothing overflows into the other, ultimately affecting your campaign strategy and planning.

The parent/child account structure can be utilized in this situation in order to silo data assets from one brand to the next, while still providing total data access to the parent company, to facilitate global analysis and data activation, as well as cross-sales.

Who Benefits from Parent/Child Accounts?

  • Global companies with local subsidiaries
  • Parent companies managing multiple brands
  • Agencies managing the data of multiple clients
  • Publishers or networks managing multiple websites

Does Every DMP Offer Parent/Child Account Structure?

The short answer is no. Lotame is the only DMP whose technology offers this flexibility.

DMPs are created for you, to work with you. Here at Lotame we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients, and how our product pipeline is clearly defined by their needs. Interested in learning more? Check out our post titled, “12 Things to Look for When Choosing a DMP”. Or contact us to schedule a demo of our platform to see it in action.