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Health & Lifestyle Publisher Sees 800% ROI with DMP from Lotame

For a well-known health & lifestyle publisher, over 90% of the data they target is first-party in nature. With a comprehensive website spanning an array of specific topics, the primary focus has been to package their high-quality content consumption data, limiting their investment on supplemental third-party data. This company was in a very admirable situation: they were running out of inventory to sell because there was too much demand from advertisers. They were looking for creative ways to increase the inventory available to sell, and they turned to Lotame to help them increase their ROI with DMP.

Lotame Solutions:

  • DMP for Data Collection: This publisher uses Lotame’s data management platform (DMP) to collect extensive first-party data from its in-depth website, and packages it into targetable buckets that represent varying degrees of intent: on-site searches, referral searches, recent/frequent category consumption, widget engagement, etc. This allows them to maximize onsite sales of these consumers via audience targeting, and limits investment on third-party data.
  • DMP for Audience Extension: Because there are certain content verticals that are in high demand and constantly selling out, the health & lifestyle publisher uses Lotame’s DMP for audience extension, opening up additional inventory they didn’t have access to before. Additionally, they have built look-alike models based off niche content consumption to confidently expand prospective consumers.
  • DMP for Audience Building: The publisher built a subset of content seekers who are searching for information in niche categories, which resulted in a highly qualified audience set compared to users who may stumble upon the information once and leave. While these audiences are small, they are highly valuable and allow the publisher to charge a premium CPM.

Real Results:

  • Increased CPMs, more inventory to sell, less dependency on 3rd party data, and an 800% ROI!

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