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Haymarket Media Group’s Auto Sites Unlock First-Party Audiences in Safari

Global media and information group, Haymarket, owns specialist brands across verticals including its market-leading flagship auto brands What Car? and Autocar. The popular car news, reviews and opinion sites power consumer decision-making in the UK. With millions visiting every month, the brands rely on fast and complete data collection and activation to understand their audiences and monetise every opportunity. But Safari cookie blocking was obscuring the view of their audience, causing inventory pressures between browsers and revenue loss. Haymarket turned to its long standing data solutions partner Lotame for help finding all their people across all first-party environments. Lotame’s next-generation data platform, Spherical, was just the upgrade needed. Our technology allows marketers and media companies to collect and extracts data in real time on every browser and device that interacts with a client’s page — no cookies required.

Learn how Haymarket smashed it with these results:

  • 4x increase in first-party audiences in Safari & Firefox vs. adserver
  • Doubled audience revenue on Safari

Download the case study. If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business or want to learn more about Lotame’s next generation data platform, Spherical, please contact us.