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[Case Study] Lotame & MediaMath Prove Cookieless Targeting Works in LATAM Market

The end of third-party cookies is near, so brands must get ahead of the curve and test identity solutions that preserve addressability and data connectivity today. One leading financial brand relied on third-party data to achieve a panoramic view of unknown and known consumers for targeting purposes and persona-building. 

The brand reached out to Lotame, MediaMath and Carat, its agency, to test cookieless targeting in Latin America. It wanted to find out if its carefully crafted personas would still engage audiences in a post-cookie world.

The Challenge

The financial brand wanted to test the viability of third-party audience data in a cookieless environment. Andres Castillo, the regional client lead for Carat, noted that the rapidly approaching cookieless world had pushed the agency to prepare. There are a lot of changes forthcoming thanks to the Open Web.

Those changes present both opportunities and challenges. Carat collaborated with Lotame, which opened the door to the ability to control message frequency, cost-efficiency and audience connections. 

The Solution

Carat worked with Lotame to build audiences that reflected the brand’s carefully crafted personas. The financial brand had performed extensive research to understand the post-pandemic, affluent consumer in Mexico. It discovered that two consumer archetypes remained interested in local or international travel and physical activities. In an A/B, the focus was on the travel and tourism deals available to consumers and the tools available from the brand to get those deals. 

Lotame’s high-quality third-party data turned the brand’s personas into targetable audiences. Cookieless and cookie segments were created using the same travel intent and age parameters. MediaMath used both segment sets for optimization and activation. The MediaMath platform is built for today and the future, so marketers get stability and flexibility as the industry evolves. MediaMath cookieless targeting offers marketers choices regarding the most appropriate identifiers for their business needs. 

The Results

Cookieless targeting in Latin America worked exceptionally well, outperforming cookie campaigns in all browsers. MediaMath and Lotame demonstrated that third-party audience targeting in a cookieless environment is viable and offers greater reach and efficiency.

The results were:

  • 31% impression lift in all browsers. 
  • 22% incremental cookieless reach in Chrome.

Cookieless targeting proved more cost-effective, even though the effective cost per mille (eCPM) was more expensive on Panorama ID™. The cookieless strategy was more productive and efficient at reaching unique individuals. Because of Panorama ID™, the brand reached 44% more unique individuals.

Panorama ID™’s representation of an individual in Mexico is the equivalent of 2.51 cookies. If frequency capping is set at three, the campaign gets served to an individual three times through Panorama ID™. That same person could see the same material seven or more times with cookies, which isn’t an effective use of time or resources.

Maximize Ad Impressions in a Cookieless Environment With Panorama ID™ 

Lotame Panorama ID™ is a universal ID that’s privacy-first and people-based, and it works for audience targeting across the Open Web. With the ID, you get a single view of all users, known and anonymous. It’s an interoperable ID that you can use throughout the programmatic ecosystem. See how it works by requesting a demo today.