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Case Study: Lotame Audiences Power KFC’s Successful CTV Campaign in Mexico

KFC, the popular fast-food restaurant, teamed up with its agency, Kivi, using Lotame’s high-quality audience segments to demonstrate the effectiveness of Connected TV (CTV) advertising. Their Mother’s Day campaign, which reached over 1.15 million viewers, proves the power of precise audience segmentation on CTV.

Challenge: Connecting with a Diverse Audience on Mother’s Day

KFC’s challenge was to reach a diverse audience during their Mother’s Day campaign, ensuring their message resonated across various segments and demographics. 

Solution: The Power of Precise Audience Segmentation with Lotame

KFC found the solution with their agency Kivi, who helped KFC use Lotame data to create high-quality custom audience segments by combining demographic data and real consumer preferences. This precise targeting ensured that KFC’s message reached the ideal consumers for their brand. Lotame’s audiences were built using demographic information and consumer preferences collected through multiple devices.

Sebastián Yoffe, Managing Director Latam & US Hispanics at Lotame, emphasized the significance of this partnership, “KFC’s campaign showcases the benefits of increasingly precise audience segmentation, especially in CTV. With Lotame, it’s possible to create high-quality customized segments by combining demographic data and real consumer preferences, thus reaching the ideal consumers for each brand.”

Results: KFC’s Success in CTV Advertising

The collaboration between KFC, Kivi, and Lotame resulted in a highly successful campaign for Mother’s Day:

  • 1.15 Million Uninterrupted Views: The campaign video had a duration of 12 seconds and was viewed without interruptions by nearly 1.15 million people on CTV screens.
  • 97% Completion Rates (VTR): The campaign boasted impressive video completion rates, with over 97% of viewers watching the entire 12-second video.
  • 470,000 Impressions: Over a 10-day period, the campaign garnered 470,000 impressions.

Innovative Step in the Food and Beverage Industry

KFC’s decision to embrace CTV in the food and beverage industry represents an innovative step. By leveraging precise audience segmentation through Kivi, in partnership with Lotame, KFC stood out from competitors, providing a unique advertising experience and accurately measuring its impact.

KFC’s successful CTV campaign for Mother’s Day, powered by Lotame’s audience segments, serves as a testament to the growing importance of CTV in advertising and the effectiveness of precise audience targeting. This collaboration enabled KFC to connect with their audience on a significant occasion, reaching over 1.15 million viewers with a compelling message, and ultimately achieving their campaign goals.

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