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How Apple iOS 11 Will Impact Lotame’s Data Collection

September 29, 2017

In light of Apple’s recent release of iOS 11 this week, also known as the  Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) update, we wanted to share an update on how this will affect data collection or activation for Lotame clients.

The ITP change specifically intends to kill a loophole some vendors have employed to trick the browser into treating a third-party cookie as a first-party cookie. Because Lotame’s DMP has never exploited that loophole, this change does not affect our data collection. (We don’t believe in such tomfoolery.)

Lotame’s current solution for collecting and activating data in Safari environments is SmartTag. SmartTag is a good solution as long as the client owns (or can implement a tag on) domains with large volumes, and can also deploy Lotame’s Audience Extraction API as a method of data activation.

For clients that do not currently use SmartTag, nothing changes, as they were not collecting any data from 3rd-party cookie blocked inventory prior to this change.

For Lotame clients that do currently use SmartTag, it is our understanding and expectation that nothing changes as well! As mentioned above, SmartTag is specifically designed to be a first-party cookie on Safari; no trickery involved.

For more information, please see this helpful article on AdExchanger: With Latest Safari Release, Apple Fixes Its Cookie Glitch”.

Have any questions? We’d love to talk, so don’t hesitate to contact us.  

By Brian O’Connor, VP Product, Lotame