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Lotame Data Exchange

World’s Largest 2nd and 3rd Party Data Marketplace

Quality data is one of the biggest drivers of successful marketing today, and with the varying types of data growing exponentially, it’s essential to work with a trusted partner who provides them all.

Lotame Data Exchange gives buyers direct access to hundreds of premium sellers with high-quality, custom fit second-party data as well as Lotame’s global third-party data marketplace. The Data Exchange provides instant access to thousands of pre-packaged and custom audience segments, built from billions of cookies, SmartTVs and mobile device IDs around the world.

3rd Party Data Marketplace

Lotame’s 3rd Party Data Marketplace gives data buyers access to thousands of the highest quality audience segments in the world, including our proprietary Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences, Lotame Pre-Packaged Audiences, and Lotame Co-Branded Audiences.

Lotame’s audience segments are available in 50+ advertising platforms, including Google, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, and more, giving every marketer, agency, publisher and platform the ability to harness the power of third-party data from the largest, highest quality data exchange in the world.

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Lotame Private Data Exchange™ (PDX)

Today’s privacy-sensitive climate (post-GDPR, pre-CCPA) makes finding the right data partner harder than ever. Lotame PDX directly connects second-party and niche third-party data sellers from around the world with highly regarded buyers in a transparent, flexible and trusted environment.

Buyers get clear insight into data source, quality and reliability. Vetted and verified global sellers grow new revenue streams by making their data easily and securely accessible to a ready pipeline of brands and agencies. Lotame PDX is how trusted data relationships are made.

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TV Data Exchange

Activate TV viewership audiences from opted-in Smart TVs to augment your marketing initiatives across digital screens. Lotame pre-packaged and custom TV Audiences help media companies, agencies and brands unify and amplify messaging, conquest the competition, and push syndicated audiences to your DSP of choice. TV + Digital audience activation has never been easier.

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Custom Data Solutions

Yours. Ours. Theirs. Web. Mobile. TV. Work with one of Lotame’s Data Specialists to create custom blends of data specific to your business needs. Lotame Custom Data Solutions allow you to make your own blend of first-, second- and third- party data, activate it anywhere, generate performance insights, and optimize against your success criteria.

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Other Lotame Products
Lotame LAB
Build Audiences That Perform

Build, segment, and scale custom audiences to power omnichannel marketing campaigns that drive consumer engagement and acquisition.

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Lotame Connect
Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere.

Ingest data from all consumer touchpoints and activate audiences anywhere using our suite of unstacked connection tools, APIs and integrations,

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Lotame Analytics
Actionable Audience Insights

Get a 360 degree view of the attributes and behaviors associated with consumers on the path to purchase, and transform those learnings into optimized custom targeting segments.

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