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Pepsico Mexican Foods Beats Campaign Performance Benchmarks with Cookieless Lotame Panorama ID

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Media agency Anagram collaborated with global technology company Lotame to preserve and extend Pepsico Mexican Foods’ addressability across devices and the open web

Mexico City, MX – (April 12, 2023) – Lotame (www.lotame.com), the global technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use, today announced findings from Pepsico Mexican Foods campaigns that surpassed previous benchmarks and performed better across the board than third-party cookies by leveraging Lotame’s Panorama ID™ universal cookieless identifier . 

Together with media agency Anagram, Pepsico Mexican Foods creates strong, direct connections with consumers worldwide via data-driven targeting. With a cookieless future on the horizon, Anagram sought ways to future ready the brand’s targeting and performance. To help accomplish Pepsico’s mission to “drive game-changing innovation,” Anagram in collaboration  with Lotame, developed a data-driven cookieless video strategy to preserve and extend Pepsico Mexican Foods’ addressability across devices and the open web. 

“In Marias Gamesa® our priority is always to be consumer obsessed to build brand love in every action that we do,” said Daniel Díaz, Brand Senior Director, Pepsico Mexican Foods. “Digital transformation has been a key enabler in the past years to create a more empathic and close relationship with our consumers and audiences; that’s why strategic partners such as Anagram and Lotame become a very important part of this journey and have helped us to engage in more personalized and innovative ways and most of all a key part of the mindset evolution in our marketing team to face a more complex world.”

Lotame created custom audience segments for Pepsico Mexican Foods’ two snack cookie brands — Marias Gamesa® and Chokis® — using a mix of demographic and interest data. Using the same parameters, both cookie and cookieless segments were created for testing. Cookieless audiences used award-winning identifier Lotame Panorama ID to reach Pepsico Mexican Foods’ audiences across all programmatic inventory without relying on third-party cookies or authenticated traffic. Both sets of audiences were shared with the brand’s DSP MediaMath for targeting. 

Leveraging the enrichment capabilities for Lotame Panorama ID, the cookieless audiences:  

  • Exceeded the brand’s 75% Video Completion Rate (VCR) benchmark and cookie performance across all browsers and devices, proving data-driven targeting works today and post-cookie. 
  • 42% more unique individuals reached with Panorama ID than cookies
  • Additionally, cookies proved 2X more expensive and 2X less efficient at reaching unique individuals compared to Panorama ID. 

“Strengthening addressability strategies for a household name like Pepsico through our collaboration with Anagram reflects Lotame’s commitment and ability to uplift brands and advertisers in a cookieless world, said Sebastian Yoffe, Managing Director, Latin America and US Hispanics, at Lotame. “Campaigns like this prove Panorama ID can successfully safeguard against a cookieless future and we look forward to leading the industry with future-proofed addressability solutions.”

“In Chokis®, one of our most loved brands, digital transformation is one of our main priorities to continue being relevant for our consumers,” said Paola Ortiz, Brand Senior Director, Pepsico Mexican Foods. “As a fun and dynamic brand focused on millennials, we are looking and developing new ways to connect creating outstanding content assuring to reach key audiences. To make this happen, we work together with strong strategic partners such as Anagram and Lotame, to evolve the brand at the same time as our consumers into a cookieless digital world.”

Launched in late 2020, Lotame Panorama ID is the first global, people-based, privacy-forward and interoperable identity solution for the cookieless open web. As the delivery mechanism for an extraordinary depth of rich, pseudonymized data, the average Panorama ID carries on average 200+ behavioral attributes. With multiple integrations and data partners supporting Panorama ID, it has grown to become the industry’s second-most widely adopted cookieless ID and increased four-fold in 2022. In a recent similar campaign, Lotame worked with The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota on a campaign that found a 21% increase in CTR across devices (CTV, desktop, smartphone, tablet), more viewable impressions across devices (76%), more completed views across devices, and higher Video Completion Rate (VCR).

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