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Lotame Launches New Data Collaboration Solutions to Help Digital Marketers

As Cookies Crumble, Lotame Launches New Data Collaboration Solutions to Help Digital Marketers Share, Analyze & Activate Data

Lotame’s end-to-end data collaboration platform, Spherical, now offers Lotame Collaborate for safe external data sharing, analysis, and activation, and Lotame Onboarding to match first-party data assets with digital IDs

View the Spanish release here. 

New York, NY (February 15, 2024) – Lotame, a technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers, today reinforced its commitment to enabling data collaboration with the launch of Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding. Available through Spherical, Lotame’s comprehensive end-to-end data collaboration platform, Lotame Collaborate simplifies how digital marketers and media owners unlock the potential of first-party data within their organization and across partners, while Lotame Onboarding enables digital marketers to match first-party data, such as email addresses, with digital identifiers. Both tools empower digital marketers with more portable data, analysis, and activation, all while acknowledging evolving privacy standards.

The demand for data collaboration technology has never been higher. Data collaboration platforms provide secure environments to allow sharing data safely, meeting increased privacy and security concerns. With the decline of third-party cookies, digital marketers and media owners are also turning to collaborative approaches to improve their data’s scale and value. Additionally, as customers demand better online experiences, companies must use data to understand and meet these needs. Enter data collaboration platforms, like Spherical, which ensure brands can adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

“Data collaboration is table stakes today,” said Andy Monfried, CEO at Lotame. “Unfortunately, fragmented data sets, non-interoperable platforms, and constantly evolving privacy standards have stalled the industry’s ability to deliver on true data enablement and collaboration. With our new offerings in Spherical, which we believe is the industry’s most intuitive, interoperable, and high-performing data collaboration platform, we are making data collaboration smarter, faster, and easier than ever.” 

Launched in January 2023, Spherical empowers thousands of marketers, agencies, and media owners to onboard, analyze, and activate the data they need to understand and engage consumers, including RE/MAX, LLC; Publicis; and Dentsu. With today’s announcement, Spherical users now have the option of accessing Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding. 

Lotame Collaborate represents the evolution of Lotame’s exclusive, private, and secure data exchange, PDX, introduced in 2019. With Lotame Collaborate, multiple parties can share permissioned data within the platform. Unlike data clean rooms, Lotame Collaborate addresses a company’s needs to enrich, analyze, and activate first-party data with external partners. It also allows marketers to combine authenticated (logged-in) and non-authenticated (web visitation) data. This integration can result in up to 10x more data available for analysis and scalable activation. Lotame Collaborate is now available to Lotame users globally. 

In addition to Lotame Collaborate, Lotame has also launched Lotame Onboarding, a new tool for digital marketers and media owners to match first-party data assets, such as email addresses, with digital identifiers. This integration equips them with the capability to retarget their audience effectively, utilize first-party data as a foundation for reaching larger audiences, and enhance customer persona development and intelligence. Lotame Onboarding is now available in the U.S., with other markets forthcoming. 

Spherical’s combination of Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding delivers the only platform digital marketers and media owners need to onboard, unify, model, enrich, collaborate, and activate data, whether they have it or need it. Using Lotame Onboarding, they can maintain addressability in a cookieless world by importing their data and merging it using Lotame Panorama ID™, including hashed emails, mobile ad identifiers, connected TV IDs, and other signals. Then, they can leverage Lotame Collaborate as a private and secure environment for collaboration, allowing data analysis, enrichment, modeling, and activation.

“Lotame has been a fantastic partner, and we are excited to support Spherical’s new data collaboration capabilities,” said Josh Culver, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing at RE/MAX. “We have been excited by the results. These new tools can help innovate how we think about leveraging first-party data through data collaboration, making analyzing, planning, and activation more efficient and effective with premium publishers, like Advance Local.”