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What is Lotame Data Stream?

August 27, 2016

Looking for a Continuous Source of Rich Audience Data at Scale? Look No Further.

Introducing Lotame Data Stream, an always-on source of rich consumer data that enterprises can combine with existing first-party data for more complete consumer profiles.

Lotame Data Stream supplies a real-time continuous flow of billions of consumer profiles from Lotame’s global data exchange, each with thousands of behavioral attributes.

Enterprises can combine this valuable data with their own first-party data to create a more complete picture of target consumers.

Armed with Lotame’s such consumer data at scale, enterprises can support:

  • Product and media recommendations

  • Personalized digital experiences across online properties

  • Optimization, fraud prevention, and customer attribution

  • Valuable market insights and intelligence often overlooked

  • Proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and other internal Business Intelligence (BI) applications

  • A single, unified customer view, bridging attributes and behavioral insights from disparate sources

  • Improved research methodology and outcomes with larger, more robust sampling

For enterprises seeking rich, scalable, and accurate sources of data to fuel innovation and growth, the Lotame Data Stream offers real-time access to large quantities of data, and is supported with a robust set of APIs.  It is backed by the Lotame Data Exchange, a network of business partners and other data providers directly sourced, continually reviewed and tested by Lotame.

This solution is targeted towards large enterprises with their own data science and R&D teams who can support further development and analytics of this vast amount of data. With large teams to support advanced use cases, the improved audiences can than be fed back into Lotame’s data management platform for targeting across media channels and platforms.