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Did You Know: Lotame Can Store Data Up To 13 Months

Data Perishability

There’s a misconception that the data Lotame collects is perishable. If it’s not organized into a hierarchy or audience at the time of collection, it cannot be retrieved, and won’t be available for targeting.

Not true.

The data collection Lotame executes for our clients has a shelf life of 13 months. We selected 13 months for two reasons. It accommodates seasonal and annual retargeting initiatives, and is mindful of standard, industry privacy norms. Let’s touch on the flexible controls available within the Lotame UI.

When you build an audience segment using 1st party data, you have the ability to apply a recency and / or frequency filter. If you’d prefer to focus on profiles from the last 2 weeks versus 13 months, you can easily do that. If you simply want to collect data to better understand your customer, without necessarily targeting them, data may be ingested without being added to an audience. This does NOT restrict the ability to store and utilize the data in the future.

Bottom line:

Lotame has a process to expire stale data after a reasonable period of time, up to 13 months.

Lotame has the ability to adjust the default expiration date based on our clients needs.

And Lotame has built tools that enable our clients to customize data sets built for targeting and analytics.

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