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If you’ve ever taken a look at a lumascape, it is clear that there are many companies in the ad tech space who identify themselves as a DMP, a DSP, or some combination of the two (“hybrid DMPs”). While Lotame was built with a focus on our data management technology, other “Hybrid DMPs” are now claiming to offer data management as an additional component of their own platform. However, there are vast differences between the pure-play, standalone data management platforms (such as Lotame) and hybrid DMPs.

Here are the top 5 fundamental differences between DMPs and DSPs:

Focus on Data Management

Hybrid DMP/DSPs were not built to be a data management platform. They were built to be demand-side platforms, which at its core is a platform for targeting media for clients. In other words, the focus for hybrid DMPs/DSPs is on targeted advertising, not data management.

In comparison, Lotame’s robust DMP focuses on client empowerment. Our technology enables you to access and use your 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party data, wherever and whenever you want, via data export functionality and tech-stack integrations. So whether you use multiple DSPs or even export your data to another DMP, we give you the power to use your data however you wish.

Data Portability

Standalone DMPs, such as Lotame, have an export functionality to any media source you want. Because we are media agnostic, your data is 100% portable, meaning you aren’t married to any particular channel.

In comparison, the DSP business model is supported by you running media through their aggregated inventory, not typically a solution for managing targeted ad delivery on your media via your ad server.

Superior Data Collection

Lotame’s focus is on first-party, cross-platform data collection from any source, including online, offline, mobile, social, and CRM. We have a state-of-the-art technology and a team of engineers focused on building this technology

In comparison, a DSP will not be able to collect the robust 1st party data in the manner that standalone DMPs like Lotame can. The focus for DSP engineers is on activating data, not necessarily finding ways to aggregate data.

The Lotame DMP goes beyond context to include rich demographics, behavioral signals, search terms, and a variety of other data points providing a complete data set for audience creation, insights and optimization.

Data Protection

Lotame values and protects consumer data. Our DMP is used only to provide you with deep analytic insights, for the sole purpose of further optimizing the performance of your audience segments. Meanwhile, DSPs might use your data to improve the overall efficiency of their campaigns and media revenue across multiple clients.

Customized Data Management

Lotame’s core DNA is data management. Customization built into our processes and data collection techniques allow you to ingest different types of customer data bases. Lotame is willing to invest in creating custom processes to support your needs. This might not be the case with DSPs where media brings in most of the revenue.

DMP vs. DSP: Which Will You Choose?

While some DSPs claim that they are capable of data management, standalone DMPs like Lotame are really the best option if you’re looking for a robust platform focused solely on providing you complete access and control on your data – the way you want and need it.

Learn more about how a cross-device data management platform works:

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