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Case Study: The Weather Company Collaborates with Lotame for Faster Data Insights

The Weather Company Collaborates with Lotame for Greater Efficiency and Granularity in Mobile Analytics

Download the full case study here.

As the world’s most accurate forecaster, The Weather Company delivers scalable solutions for consumers through its flagship consumer brand, The Weather Channel, as well as its businesses across the advertising, aviation, media industries and more. Its robust Weather Data API solution helps the majority of Americans each month to integrate weather data into their applications, business processes, or custom models. The Weather Company has partnered with Lotame for over 10 years working with their data collaboration platform. In order to provide real-time insights to their customers in travel, auto and retail, they have relied on Lotame for advanced insights about campaign performance and personas.

The Challenge: 

The Weather Company had an optimal real-time data collection process for The Weather Channel web properties. However, their mobile app properties were not leveraging Lotame’s ecosystem yet due to other engineering priorities.  

The Solution: 

As its mobile data was already in Amazon’s data lake, The Weather Company and Lotame partnered with AWS Clean Rooms to find actionable insights about campaign performance for a travel vertical customer. 

The Results: 

  • 98% reduction in time to gather insights
  • 7x faster using clean rooms than the legacy ETL alternative
  • 7x more efficient for querying

Together, The Weather Company and Lotame ran a proof of concept on several data segments to see how they could provide real-time insights to their travel customer. The companies tried out ideas and performed analyses on the test datasets.

For example, to better understand its travel audience that uses The Weather Channel app, The Weather Company compared the lifestyle and brand propensities of lower- and higher-frequency travelers, as well as frequent air versus land travelers. Sample persona insights revealed notable differences in education, income, choice of hotels, and entertainment. Those detailed insights can help drive the way The Weather Company positions its products for its travel vertical.

The Impact: 

By overcoming data silos and streamlining analytics processes, The Weather Company can now provide its customers with real-time, actionable insights. This enables customers to:

  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns: Tailor marketing strategies based on a deeper understanding of audience segments.
  • Enhance Product Development: Create products and services that better align with customer needs and preferences.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage data-driven insights to inform strategic business decisions.

Download the full case study here. See for yourself how Lotame can help your business make data smarter, faster, and easier to use.