The Leaders in Audience Data Management

Lotame helps publishers, marketers and agencies drive Maximum Audience Impact — maximizing the way they collect, unify, protect and activate audience data. Leveraging the industry’s most robust DMP as a central audience management engine, leaders like Targeted Victory, The Weather Channel and many other clients spanning five continents monetize data, gain greater targeting efficiency, and drive higher campaign performance and revenue.

Our team includes a strong senior team, with innovators considered industry thought leaders. We’re dedicated to constant innovation, and helping our clients take full advantage of big data. This is a very dynamic, fast changing industry. Everything is constantly moving and morphing — standards for privacy, for ad activation, for user experience, to moving to mobile devices. We’re in constant contact with our clients to be sure we’re meeting their needs — and the needs of the industry.

We’ll be totally honest in telling our clients "it's not easy", but we'll be at their side the entire way, giving them all of our expertise and real-world experience to get to their destination. In this fast-changing landscape where the rules seem to change every day, we show our clients how to best maximize their audience impact, through monetizing, targeting, buying and selling.

Together, with our clients, we're doing the most intelligent, intriguing and innovative stuff in the category. Writing the new guidebook, to take publishing and marketing to new heights — and having fun while we do it.

Lotame investors include some of the leading firms in the industry, Battery Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners.  Our offices are located in  New York City, Columbia, MD, London, Boston, Atlanta and Singapore.