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Data Stream

Data Stream

Powering the People Data Needs of Global Business

Lotame Data Stream supplies real-time access to a firehose of raw behavioral data from billions of consumer profiles collected from thousands of websites across Lotame's global network of publishers. Leading enterprises can combine this high-quality consumer data with their existing first-party data to gain deeper, more valuable insights into target customers.

Data Stream offers enterprises the ability to support your individual data science and data needs, including product and content recommendation engines, personalized experiences and messaging, and other proprietary modeling. We supply the data, and your data scientists take it from there, to power even the most advanced applications.

Key Benefits
Massive Scale

Real-time access to billions of global data points

Deeper Insights

Valuable insights about your global audience across screens

Endless Applications

The use cases are only limited by what your data scientists can do

Continuous Data Flow

Real-time, continuous stream of data

Improve Portability

Take the data anywhere in your business - no more data silos

Drive Customization

There are numerous options to customize the data you receive

What is Lotame Data Stream?

Data Stream is Lotame’s big data firehose, supplying billions of consumer profiles to support enterprise-level data modeling and applications, such as content and product recommendations, personalized digital experiences, fraud prevention and risk mitigation efforts, attribution modeling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and deeper, more valuable insights into your target consumers around the world.

Why did Lotame create Data Stream?

At Lotame, we saw a void in the world of big data. Today, consumer data can be purchased on a CPM basis in most advertising technology platforms like DSPs, SSPs, and more. That data is typically grouped into general interest categories based on past consumer behaviors, but there are few options available to enterprises looking for unlimited real-time data in a structured format for applications beyond advertising. That’s exactly where Lotame Data Stream comes in! Lotame’s large digital footprint affords us insights and access to consumer data at an unprecedented scale. These data points have traditionally underpinned successful cross-channel advertising efforts for the world’s largest brands and agencies, and now Lotame is unlocking the doors to our massive consumer data warehouse.

Is Data Stream the same as Data as a Service (DAAS)?

Many companies in the technology and data space claim to offer solutions similar to Lotame Data Stream, and, yes, sometimes it is referred to as Data as a Service (DaaS). But Lotame Data Stream is unique in that it not only offers the infrastructure, technology, and tools to ingest the data, but it provides the actual consumer data as well.

What are the applications of data stream?

While the applications for Data Stream are as plentiful and varied as business itself, there are several areas where Data Stream fits naturally. Today, clients are harnessing Data Stream to underpin enterprise-level solutions like content and product recommendation engines, personalized digital experiences, fraud prevention and risk mitigation strategies, customer attribution modeling, and to develop deeper insights into their target consumers.

Is this data from Data Stream portable?

Of course. Lotame’s full suite of integrations with the leading advertising and marketing technology providers is always at your disposal should you wish to utilize your data in DSPs, SSPs, ad networks or exchanges or other advertising platforms.

Can I adjust the scale of the data?

Yes. With Data Stream, Lotame offers varying levels of access and support to meet your business’s data needs. Options to filter by data source, geography and beyond are available to ensure the data streaming to your organization fits your needs and applications.

How often is the data refreshed?

We understand that consumer data is only good if it’s current. Lotame continuously collects and analyzes data from hundreds of sources, large and small, across our trusted data network in real-time. As soon as a new data point is collected by Lotame, we will attribute it to the profile of a consumer, and export it as part of Data Stream’s data transfer directly into your organization.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to show you more about Lotame Data Stream! Contact us at info@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!

Real Results
Case Study
Music Label Tunes Into Audience Data and Increases Clicks 124%
January 2, 2018

An international music company was looking to find new fans for its large lineup of artists. Working with Lotame, they were able to collect, organize and activate data about their fans, resulting in a 60% increase in impressions served, 39% increase in CTR, 64% decrease in CPM, and so much more!