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Bridging the Gap Between Screens

Too much digital advertising today is executed in silos. Audiences are built across smartphones, tablets and desktops, and campaigns are served across these devices with no clear understanding of audience overlap, and no way to effectively deliver sequential messaging. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising today, but it's tackled head on by Lotame’s Cross-Device technology.

Lotame’s Cross-Device solution determines relationships that exist between billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktops, smartphones and tablets. Through this patent-pending device graph technology, different devices can be mapped together, creating significant opportunities for advertisers and publishers. Lotame’s Cross-Device technology isn’t a bolt-on product – it’s a foundational enhancement to our core DMP, and one that will transform your data

Key Benefits
Improve Performance

Reach your audience with sequential messaging across screens for increased engagement

Scale Audiences

Increase the overall volume of your target audience across screens

Drive Engagement

Personalize content across screens for better campaign performance

Reduce Ad Waste

Apply frequency capping across screens to reduce ad spend on unengaged consumers

Extend Audiences

Extend desktop segments across mobile and desktop to make your data work harder

Increase Revenue

Match mobile and desktop IDs to command higher CPMs and increase sell-through rates

How does Lotame match devices together?

Lotame’s Cross-Device technology uses probabilistic and deterministic matching to create true, cross-screen audience segments. Probabilistic matching analyzes billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktop and mobile devices to determine whether any relationships exist. Deterministic matching is used when information is available that directly connects different devices together, such as login data from a publisher’s site and app. Consistent with Lotame’s DMP, no PII is stored or made available through this technology.

What is the difference between deterministic and probabalistic matching?

Lotame's Device Graph uses two methods for cross-device user identification:

Deterministic match: (also called "direct matching") used when there is known information that connects a user to different devices. For example, user login information passed on two different devices.

Probabilistic match: uses statistical analysis to identify different devices used by a user with a degree of certainty. Only those links with high degree of certainty are used to link devices together.

How does Lotame Cross-Device increase campaign performance?

Connecting desktop and mobile devices enables more sophisticated ad delivery, which helps increase campaign effectiveness and drive repeat advertising business. With Device Graphs, desktop audience segments can be targeted across mobile, and mobile audience segments targeted across desktop. The technology enables fluid retargeting across screens, as well as the ability to tell sequential brand stories over time.

How can I use Lotame Cross-Device to customize content?

Device Graphs can be integrated with content management systems to customize content. A sports publisher, for example, could see that a particular group of users only consumes content on football and never on other sports. By matching these audiences to desktop devices through the Device Graph, the publisher could then prioritize football content when those users access the desktop site. Customizing content in this way can help increase time on site and drive more return visits.

Just as publishers can leverage Device Graphs to underpin custom content experiences, advertisers can use the technology to drive custom creative experiences. If users engage with video ads in the desktop environment, for example, then those same users can be targeted with more video enabled ad creatives when they are seen across linked mobile devices.

Can I use Lotame’s Cross-Device Technology with my third-party data?

Savvy digital advertisers have learned how to effectively use third party data segments to drive campaign performance. With Device Graphs, investments in third party data can now be made to work much harder. An advertiser can take third party data segments they’ve acquired, pass them through the Device Graph and target those same audiences across mobile, significantly increasing reach as illustrated in the earlier example.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to show you a demo of Lotame Cross-Device! Contact us at info@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!