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Nielsen Media brings retail and FMCG segments to Taiwan in collaboration with Lotame

TAIPEI, 8 SEPTEMBER 2020 –Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) today announced the launch of purchase-based audience segments in Taiwan to help advertisers and agencies reach their desired audiences built on rich retail and FMCG behavioral data. Nielsen Retail and FMCG segments are being powered for the first time in the region by Lotame, a leading global provider of data solutions,  to drive customer insights and turn personas into addressable advertising. Nielsen Retail and FMCG Segments powered by Lotame provide granular insights into people’s purchase behavior. Nielsen Media anticipates additional APAC market collaborations with Lotame in the near future, including but not limited to Japan and India.

Nielsen Retail and FMCG Segments provide companies, brands and marketers rich Taiwan-specific audience segments based on real purchase data. The modeled segments leverage a large seed of consumers’ big data from actual receipts allowing clients to target audiences who shop at specific retailers and buy within specific product categories. “This enables clients to develop a real and more holistic view of their customers and identify true potential consumers for making significant improvements in marketing ROI,” said Irene Chen, Vice President, Nielsen Media Taiwan.

By keeping the granularity but leveraging the scale of Lotame’s data exchange to increase scale of actual purchase data segments from 450,000 to 7 million targetable devices per segment, Nielsen Retail and FMCG Segments will help clients target 8 product category buyers to reach potential new consumers, increase brand awareness and deliver promotional messages to visitors of 17 specific retailers. Nielsen Retail and FMCG Segments can also assist marketers in effectively supporting traditional media spend and improve brand reach by extending audiences. The audiences are currently available on the leading DSPs.  

“This is a big win for sophisticated Taiwan-based advertisers and agencies, who for the first time will be able to reach their desired mobile-based audiences based on rich purchase data from Nielsen Media. Taiwan is an emerging adtech powerhouse and we are thrilled to provide our support to the thriving digital ad ecosystem with this launch to further cement our strong position in the market as the leader for media measurement, planning, and outcomes. The exciting partnership with Lotame for this market underscores our commitment to collaborate as necessary with strategic partners to bring our clients the very best solution.said Ranjeet Laungani, North Asia Leader, Nielsen Media

“Consumer shopping habits have changed dramatically over the last six months, and will continue to do so,” said Fred Marthoz, Managing Director – Asia, Lotame. “We’re thrilled to partner with Nielsen to bring real-time, relevant, purchasing behaviors at scale to the Taiwan market. Nielsen’s methodology based on nearly a century of experience combined with Lotame’s global scale and data expertise make for a winning combination — and a strategic advantage for smart marketers.“

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