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European Addressable Media Initiative Announces Expert Advisory Group

Expert Advisory Group of experienced executive leaders from across the European industry will work with founding members of the Initiative to help advertisers, agencies and media owners navigate Europe’s fast-changing advertising landscape for addressable media

Today, the European Addressable Media Initiative announced that it has assembled an experienced group of senior executives to serve as its Expert Advisory Group. The Group brings decades of experience to the Initiative, sharing a commitment to supporting the growth and development of a responsible, privacy-first addressable media ecosystem across Europe.

The 2020s are set to be the decade of addressable media, as consumption continues to shift towards connected platforms, opening up new possibilities for audience targeting, measurement, attribution, and optimization – not just in digital, but in TV, audio, out-of-home, games and newer media formats and platforms. 

Addressability encompasses a broad spectrum of solutions, from 1:1 targeting using new identity solutions to tailored messaging for different audience segments. These capabilities are the foundation of the new advertising ecosystem, facilitating the delivery of more relevant, people- and privacy-first marketing communications to attention-short consumers, helping media owners to future-proof their businesses. 

However, new privacy and data protection regulations, anti-tracking safeguards, and the deprecation of established digital identifiers, are driving a proliferation of new advertising rules, frameworks, and offerings, leading to growing complexity and confusion for many ad buyers and sellers. Furthermore, solutions developed in one country may not work in the same way in other countries. Cross-media addressability adds an additional layer of complexity, with significant variations across different media.

Launched in December 2021, the members of the European Addressable Media Initiative – Amobee, Comscore, Finecast, LiveRamp, Lotame, Magnite, Neustar and PubMatic – are working collaboratively to help advertisers, agencies and media owners navigate the new landscape of identity resolution and addressability solutions in Europe.

The Expert Advisory Group will play an important role in supporting the Initiative, feeding in important insights, views and perspectives about the challenges and opportunities ahead across Europe’s largest advertising markets, based on years of experience and deep knowledge of addressable media and advertising. 

During the coming months, the Initiative will begin publishing interviews and emerging findings from its research and analysis, featuring insights and inputs from the members of the Initiative and from the Expert Advisory Group. 

Rich Astley, Global Chief Product Officer at Finecast, said: “The addressable media landscape continues to change at pace and we are seeing huge demand in Europe. However, the development of a robust addressable media ecosystem is only possible through strong partnerships and investment in technology integrations. Brands are looking to embrace this connectivity, but the landscape is still complex and differs greatly by medium and market. Finecast supports the European Addressable Media Initiative as there are huge opportunities for brands to embrace addressable media if we collaborate. I look forward to working through some of the issues collectively with the rest of the Expert Advisory Group to come up with solutions to help create a robust addressable media ecosystem in Europe.

Hugh Stevens, Head of Strategic Growth at LiveRamp, said: “LiveRamp believes the post-cookie ecosystem should be better than what it replaces and is committed to working across the industry to achieve this. To this end, we are creating a new, open ecosystem which provides a level playing field that is trusted, open and neutral – data must be interoperable in a trusted and verified, privacy-conscious manner. We look forward to working with the Expert Advisory Group to continue moving towards a more secure and interoperable advertising market.

The Expert Advisory Group includes senior executives from leading advertisers, advertising agencies, media owners and advisory firms working across Europe including in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. 

Miles Pritchard, Managing Partner for Data & Tech Enablement at OMD EMEA, said: “We talk a lot about the industry coming together to find solutions to our collective challenges, but the European Addressable Media Initiative and its Expert Advisory Group are making a concerted effort to bring different stakeholders together to address the changing landscape in a collaborative way.

The Data industry needs to consolidate its processes, its business model resources and facilitate the entry of new companies to be considered a true industry. Addressability and responsibility will be the key to having an environment that prioritizes privacy and is a consolidated industry within digital. this initiative is the best way to start this arduous mission that we all have together.”, said Salvatore Cospito, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Transformation Officer at DATMEAN.

Simeon Duckworth, previously Global Head of Strategic Development for GroupM Data and Analytics and now Researcher into the Economics of Data Sharing at UCL, said: “I’ m excited to be part of the European Addressable Media Initiative. The addressable ad market continues to develop rapidly. But our new regulatory environment is driving explicit, and often unfamiliar, trade-offs between targeting, privacy, competition and collaboration. A sustainable model that balances the needs of content owners, regulators and advertisers may need a new playbook.

Simon Thomas, Global Director of Audiences Research and Media Investment Management at GroupM, said: “The emergence of the European Addressable Media Initiative is to be applauded, as advertisers, agencies, and media touchpoints explore the opportunities presented by advanced audience and geo-location addressability. Harnessing and improving the technology, creating standards, and developing formats is of benefit to us all. I’m delighted to be a part of the EAMI Expert Advisory Group, and look forward to contributing thought leadership and experience to this exciting new initiative.”

The current members of the Expert Advisory Group are listed below.

Jon Watts, Co-Director of the European Addressable Media Initiative, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this incredible group of industry executives and experts to our Expert Advisory Group for the Initiative,” said Jon Watts, Co-Project Director. “The Group has decades of experience, working at the highest levels of the advertising industry, and will play an invaluable role informing our research and analysis. We’ll be expanding the group of Expert Advisors as the initiative progresses, providing insights from across the industry.

Ian Maude, Co-Director of the Initiative, said: “The Expert Advisory Group will provide deep insights about the European addressable media landscape and the challenges and opportunities ahead for ad buyers and sellers. We very much look forward to collaborating with everyone in the Group over the next few months.

Please note that membership of the Expert Advisory Group does not imply approval or affirmation of any findings, conclusions and recommendations published by the European Addressable Media Initiative. 

Members of the Expert Advisory Group

At launch, the Expert Advisory Group includes:

  • Simon Thomas, Global Director of Audiences Research & Media Investment Management, at GroupM.
  • Jonathan Lewis, Head of Commercial Innovation & Partners at Channel 4.
  • Paola Colombo, General Manager of AdTech & Business Development, at Publitalia ’80.
  • Jade Power, Head of Digital Commercial at National World PLC.
  • Sameer Modha, Data and Effectiveness Lead, Commercial Strategy Team, at ITV PLC.
  • Liz Duff, Head of Media and Investment at Total Media.
  • Dora Michail, Chief Strategy Officer, at The Ozone Project.
  • Geoff Copps, Managing Partner, Audience & Identity EMEA, Kinesso (IPG).
  • Paul Martin, SVP of Product, at Choreograph.
  • Miles Pritchard, Managing Partner – Data & Tech Enablement, at OMD EMEA.
  • Mike Shaw, Director of International Ad Sales, at Roku.
  • James Aylett, Chief Data Officer, at Annalect (OMG).
  • Michela Galeazzi, Head of Programmatic & Performance Marketing, at Cairocs Media
  • Miriam Keck, Head of Digital Optimisation, at The MediaForce Group.
  • Bryony Long, Partner, and Mark Hersey, Senior Associate, at Lewis Silkin.
  • Salvatore Cospito, CDTO & Co-Founder, at DATMEAN.
  • Simeon Duckworth, Researcher into the Economics of Data Sharing at UCL

About the European Addressable Media Initiative

The European Addressable Media Initiative, led by members Amobee, Comscore, Finecast, LiveRamp, Lotame, Magnite, Neustar and PubMatic and in association with The Project X Institute, aims to help advertisers, agencies and media owners navigate the new landscape of identity resolution and addressability solutions in Europe. 

The Initiative’s goals are to develop a set of practical recommendations for European advertisers and media owners to support trust and growth in addressable media. These will be published in a report and presented at an industry summit later this year. 

The founding members of the European Addressable Media Initiative 

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About The Project X Institute

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We bring together some of the most experienced executives and sharpest minds in the sectors we cover to help companies, policy makers and investors. We provide an alternative to traditional consulting firms, combining heavyweight expertise with a flexible and nimble approach adapted to each client’s specific requirements. 

Founded by industry veterans Jon Watts and Ian Maude, the Institute’s team of senior advisors bring their unique expertise, market knowledge, and ability to provide advice at the highest levels to bear on key challenges in the connected world. 

For more information visit projectxinstitute.com.