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[Case Study] Marcus Thomas Addressing First- and Third-Party Data in Cookieless Browsers

The future is cookieless. Both Google and Apple have announced changes that make cookies considerably less valuable. Still, while cookies may soon be a thing of the past, marketers have options for making the most of first-party data as well as third-party data. Marcus Thomas, LLC has found a way to capitalize on first- and third-party data in a cookieless environment, all without email. Take a look at what they did.

The Challenge

Marcus Thomas is a creative agency that doesn’t shy away from a challenge. The agency works within the highly regulated pharma marketing industry and is successfully navigating the difficulties of operating in the absence of cookies and third-party data. 

For one of its marketing clients, Marcus Thomas aimed to create valuable and memorable consumer experiences, in a privacy-first way, at scale and in a cookieless world. The agency wanted to test third-party and first-party data’s performance and viability in cookieless environments without email authentication. 

The Solution

Marcus Thomas has been a longtime user of Audience Management, and so was its client. When launching an identity campaign, the agency once again turned to Lotame. It wanted proven identity technology and access to high-quality, niche market audiences to create a privacy-first campaign model. 

With our platform, Marcus Thomas accessed Veeva Crossix Audience Segments, which provided tailored advertising to health consumers. The audience segments get created through a machine-learning, privacy-forward approach. Marcus Thomas’ client, a premium health care publisher, also used our platform to activate and collect data from top-of-the-funnel, first-party visitors.

Marcus Thomas wanted to deliver meaningful, premium environments to its client and target consumers. We had the client work directly with the agency to curate the inventory and audiences needed for campaign delivery. We created an A/B test, using lift in addressability as the key performance indicator (KPI). 

First-party cookieless audience segments, made using Lotame Panorama ID™, were shared publisher direct across premium inventory using Magnite’s supply-side platform (SSP) Deal IDs. Identical first-party and third-party cookie segments were sent directly to the demand side platform (DSP).

The Results

The two cookieless campaigns exceeded addressability expectations and other performance metrics. Panorama ID™ reached more of the target audience than cookies. Both tests had better than or on-par performance with cookies regarding click-through rates (CTR). The tests also delivered more clicks than cookies. 

With Panorama ID™, the lift in addressability was:

  • 37% lift across Firefox, iOS and Safari versus cookies (third-party data targeting)
  • 30% lift across Firefox, iOS and Safari versus cookies (first-party retargeting)

Both tests exceeded our benchmark of 20% lift in addressability. The tests revealed that addressing first and third-party data is possible in a cookieless environment without the use of email authentication. 

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