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[Case Study] Audience Analytics Helps Luxury Watch Brand Improve Advertising Engagement

The Challenge

Martini Media, a well-known luxury digital media company, known for their data-driven marketing approach was looking to help their client, a men’s luxury watch brand, improve their advertising engagement and conversion rates. This brand also wanted to gain meaningful insights into their consumers interests and passion points to help them in future planning.

The Solution

Martini Media leveraged Lotame’s Audience Analytics tool to help surface and validate the best-performing audiences and environments for their client. Lotame Analytics provides 360 degree insights into the behavioral attributes that make up campaign andsite/video/app/real-world interactions, and how those attributes influence the consumer’s path to conversion and loyalty.

Martini Media used the Discovery and Campaign Dashboards in Lotame Analytics to prove its contextual targeting strategy reached the right consumer across its portfolio. They also provided their luxury watch client an in-depth campaign wrap-up report with insights that highlighted affinities, interests and psychographics that either drove performance or aligned with similar interests to the target audience. 

The Results

By utilizing Lotame’s Audience Analytics technology they were able to drive a 4.7X higher engagement rate and a 2X higher CTR. Additionally they discovered some critical consumer passion point insights that confirmed they were reaching their target audience, while also helping them plan marketing strategies and campaigns in the future.

Consumer Passion Point Insights

  • 178% more passionate about shopping for luxury clothing
  • 152% more passionate about jewelry and accessories
  • 122% more passionate about being a trendsetter
  • 4.4X more likely to enjoy golf
  • 5.2X more likely to be in market for luxury goods

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