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Andy Monfried Named AdAge Marketing Technology Trailblazer!

Lotame is proud to announce that our CEO, Andy Monfried, has been named one of AdAge’s 25 Marketing Technology Trailblazers! This group of 25 MarTech leaders have paved the way for innovation, using the world’s data and advertising resources to come up with creative solutions for the AdTech space.

In 2006, after facing a life-threatening tragedy, Andy was instilled with a fervor for change. With a love for creating value at the intersection of data and markets, Andy disrupted the digital advertising industry and created the data management platform (DMP) category and his company Lotame.

With 10 years of experience creating innovative technologies that have advanced audience tracking, targeting, and analysis for digital marketers, Andy continues to provide marketers with a single, accurate customer view across screens, both online and offline. With Andy at the helm, Lotame was the first DMP to break into the TV space and launch its newest technology solution for video marketers — TV DMP.

After successful prototype testing with Pearl TV, an organization of companies that own and operate more than 200 local broadcast TV stations nationwide, Lotame launched TV DMP in late 2016. Andy’s goal was to enable television marketers with the insightful consumer data to get a better understanding of their audience on TV beyond basic Nielsen panel estimates of household age and gender. A broadcaster can now offer advertisers the ability to extend a television ad campaign to today’s desktop computers and mobile devices with ease for increased brand awareness and engagement. The company continues to grow its TV DMP user base with both national and local broadcasters.

Andy and the team he leads at Lotame continue to be trailblazers in the digital space, empowering both buyers and sellers of ads to be better informed about their audiences, to make better decisions.

Congratulations to Andy on this amazing recognition!