A Marketer’s Guide to Personalization

September 7, 2018

Marketers are on an ever-evolving journey to identify their best customers, find more like them, and retain them by building positive connections with them. The goal, in short, is to give the consumer what they want, so they keep coming back for more. But how do you make sure each consumer’s experience is personalized to match their particular stage of the customer journey for maximum efficiency? Meet the Marketer’s Guide to Personalization. Download the Guide!

This guide includes:

  • Personalization Use Cases, including
    • Real-Time Content Targeting
    • Personalizing Ad Content
    • Omnichannel Personalization
    • Optimizing Media Spends
    • Sequential Messaging
    • A/B Split Testing
  • How Personalization Works
  • Quick Wins with Personalization

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We also have a Publisher version of this content personalization guide available if that suits you better. Check it out!

Tailoring experiences to individual consumers is nothing new. Think about omnichannel marketing like a personal shopper: a dedicated consultant following you around as you shop, helping you find what you need, and hoping you’ll spend big. Marketing personalization is fundamentally the same, except that instead of one personal shopper targeting one customer in one store, omnichannel marketing is doing it on a massive scale—personalizing experiences for thousands of consumers across different channels.

Marketers have a never-ending array of tools available to help identify and communicate with their ideal consumers. At the heart of the marketing tech stack is the data management platform (DMP), used to collect, organize, and activate data assets from any source. DMPs were originally created to power audience targeted advertising, but their capabilities go far beyond, and many are turning to the audiences available in their DMP to help power personalization.

Personalization enables marketers to serve segment-specific content and messaging to your audience at every touchpoint along the conversion funnel.

Lotame has created this Guide to Personalization to help marketers understand how a DMP can help use your powerful audience data to offer personalized experiences to each of your most valuable customers. Download the Guide!