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[Case Study] Banana Boat Future Proofs Data Targeting and Scale in Cookieless World

The rise of the cookieless environment shows that it sometimes takes a village to future-proof addressability. Banana Boat, a sunscreen brand, has historically relied on programmatic advertising to reach its audience. Seeing the loss of third-party cookies on the horizon, the brand partnered with two advertising agencies to find future-proof addressability options across all browser environments. One of those agencies, Xaxis Miami, brought in Lotame and other partners, showing what an industry-wide collaboration can do.

The Challenge

With the loss of third-party cookies fast approaching, Banana Boat needed to find a way to scale programmatic audience targeting and prove performance in cookieless marketing environments.

The Solution

For its first cookieless targeting video campaign, the agency Banana Boat partnered with turned to Lotame, using Panorama ID™ and Data Exchange. Lotame created Data Exchange audiences for the campaign, using gender and age demographics and consumers interested in home and garden, family and parenting, sports, and health and fitness. 

The cookie and cookieless segments, created using Lotame Panorama ID™, were shared with Xaxis and PubMatic, its supply-side platform. PubMatic then created Deal IDs for the audiences to use with an A/B test. Banana Boat had access to the Deal IDs through Xandr’s Invest demand-side platform (DSP) to use for targeting.

The Results 

Banana Boat and the agencies it partnered with were impressed with the results of the cookieless video campaign. Juan Morón Vélez, the CEO of Xaxis LATAM, stated that Lotame enabled a multipronged collaboration among partners and proved that audience targeting delivers on marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) and scales in cookieless data environments. The partnership is an example of the agency’s commitment to providing its clients the best solutions available. 

Banana Boat found that cookieless targeting was effective and able to deliver increased scale across browsers, whether cookie-permitting or cookie-restricted. Thanks to the excellent outcome, the brand and its marketing agency plan to continue to use the method. 

During the campaign, the brand saw the following results:

  • 94% video completion rate (VCR) in Firefox and Safari cookieless environments, compared to 84% for cookie-permitting environments.
  • 12% increase in VCR in cookie-restricted environments.
  • Higher view-through rates (VTR) in cookie-restricted environments.
  • Average viewability 34% higher than the benchmark.
  • 83% viewability in Firefox and Safari, compared to 61% for cookie-permitting.

In light of the successful results, Patrick Casal, the senior director of LATAM Xandr, noted that it was an amazing opportunity to work with Lotame, PubMatic and Xaxis. The collaboration demonstrated that cookieless marketing can provide excellent results, such as those Banana Boat obtained through Xandr’s Invest DSP.

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