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Data Management Platform

Audience Development

Engage and Grow Your Visitors, Viewers and Users

Getting to know your multi-platform audiences has never been easier. Go beyond demographics and get to know the behaviors and preferences of visitors, viewers and users with Lotame Analytics. Use these insights to adjust your audience development strategies to attract and retain loyal consumers, and make your content and properties even stickier than before.

Use Data to Increase Engagement

Use those valuable insights in Lotame LAB to tailor your audience development strategies to increase engagement, balance paid/earned/owned activation channels, or customize your messaging to grow visits, views, and downloads. Leverage 1st party data, marketers’ data, or thousands of 3rd party data segments in the Lotame Data Exchange to build audience segments that fit your omnichannel audience development needs, and then set in motion through the 50+ media activation platforms enabled via Lotame Connect.

Key Benefits
Understand Your Audiences

Learn more about visitors to your sites, viewers of your multi-screen content, and users of your mobile and OTT apps

Increase Engagement

Deliver content and messaging that drives consumers to engage with your content and properties

Drive Visits, Views and Downloads

Use audience insights and multiple data sources to activate and optimize omnichannel audience development initiatives