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Winterberry Group White Paper: The Evolution of Identity in a Privacy-First, Post-Cookie World

As third-party cookies are depreciating, identity solutions are maturing. How can companies adapt identity solutions to effectively target audiences and forge connections with customers, while maintaining privacy regulations? 

In the latest white paper from the Winterberry Group, Identity Outlook 2020: The Evolution of Identity in a Privacy-First, Post-Cookie World, the research explores:

  • The current state of identity and how it’s evolving
  • Six principles influencing and shaping the identity landscape 
  • Considerations for companies looking to build and/or leverage identity solutions 
  • Emerging identity use cases across the digital advertising ecosystem

In addition, we’re excited to share the latest Winterberry Group’s research that explores:

  • Pricing components and models in the identity market
  • Market forecast for identity and identity solutions in the U.S. and European market

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